Attack of the Killer Raichu ex's

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Ez1, Oct 9, 2003.

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  1. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    I like the Raichu ex---yeah I know it has problems---but it
    does look cool. So I tried to come up with a deck idea that
    might over come its energy discard problem.

    Here's what I'm starting with:

    Pokemon 14
    4 x pikachu ss
    4 x raichu ex
    2 x dunsparce
    1 x volbeat
    1 x illumise
    2 x pichu ss

    energy 18
    15 electric
    3 multi

    trainers 28
    4 x claw fossil
    2 x root fossil
    4 x switch
    4 x poke nurse
    4 x fisherman
    3 x fan club
    3 x fast ball
    4 x copycat

    The idea is to raichu swarm. Start by using fossils while building raichus
    and to stall between raichus. The pichu's are useful later to
    reload(I hope). The volbeat/illumise can provide some early
    status effect and protect a little against fighting. The raichu 120 attack
    damage can take out most pokies. Poke nurse after
    attacking, switch to the bench and stall with fossils till ready again.
    It may even be viable to load up 3 on the bench and wait for opponent
    to begin attacking. It must be fast....faster.....fastest....
    Any ideas or suggestions for improvement????????......
  2. Prof Donphan

    Prof Donphan Member

    I like this deck. I'm working on a Raichu EX Deck, but I don't thought at the Fossil to stall... Great idea!
    I like Energy Switch in new modified EON. (+3).
    When Raichu ex is near KO this card could be useful if you have another Raichu EX on the bench.
    Try drop 1/2 PFC (you have Dunsparce), 1 copycat, 1 fast ball.
    Also Warp Point could be useful but I don't know what drop out.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    Good idea. I think that you're right. The energy switch would
    be useful. Thanks....
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Drop 2 Claw Fossil for 2 Root Fossil. Root Fossil is slightly better for stall. Also, consider trying to lower your Supporter count.
  5. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    I have mixed feelings regarding claw fossil vs root fossil. Root
    fossill reduces damage by 10 which might??? make it last longer.
    Claw fossil does 10 damage which might reduce or eliminate early
    attacks and might???? do enough damage to allow another pokemon
    to complete a knockout.

    How about a compromise and 3 of each?????
  6. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    A friend pointed out that the ex attacks might be vulnerable
    to wobbuffet and the deck needed at least a little more attack
    ability from secondary pokemon. Here is a revised version:

    pokemon 13
    4 x pikachu
    3 x raichu ex
    2 x dunsparce
    2 x volbeat
    1 x illumise
    1 x wobbuffet

    energy 18
    4 x multi
    14 x electric

    trainers 29
    3 x energy switch
    3 x claw fossil
    3 x root fossil
    4 x switch
    4 x pokenurse
    4 x fisherman
    2 x fan club
    2 x fast ball
    4 x copycat

    Again the idea is to build raichu ex's using fossils to stall
    early game or between raichu ex attacks. The volbeat/illumise
    can provide excellent early game pressure on
    opponents and sometimes a 2-3 turn win. Volbeat also
    gets free retreat with illumise on bench. The wobbuffet
    would function as tech support against ex/psychic and
    if needed a back-up hitter.

    I would like to get supporters down...but not sure how at
    the moment.
    Any thoughts/suggestions.........
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2003
  7. Rabid Raichu

    Rabid Raichu New Member

    I've been looking hard at Raichu Ex as a deck idea, and in truth I think his second attack does too much damage to be used as the basis of a deck. Yes, you do 120 damage -- but it takes 3 turns to charge up again. I recommend using 2 Raichu Ex and 2 Skyridge Raichu -- it gives you a solid attacker for early/mid-game, and you still get the devastating attack from the Raichu Ex when you need it!

    Because you don't discard as much energy, drop two Fisherman (you could do this even without changing to a Skyridge Raichu, as 14 L Energy + 8 returned to your hand = 22 L energy, you only need 18 for six KOs if you only knock out your opponent with Raichu Ex).

    Drop one Pokenurse and 1 Root Fossil. Root Fossil is a good staller early in the game, while your opponents attacks are weak, but later in the game I would go with the Claw Fossil to do some damage when your opponent can OHKO either Fossil anyway. Add in another Dunsparce and two SS Elekid. If you are lucky enough to start the game with an Elekid -- you may be able to use it to attach 2-3 extra energy from the deck using it's attack in the early game. Otherwise, the added Dunsparce gives you better odds of getting you bench filled early.

    To recap:
    -1 Raichu Ex
    -1 Pokenurse
    -1 Root Fossil
    -2 Fisherman

    +2 Raichu (Skyridge)
    +1 Dunsparce
    +2 Elekid

    Another note on the Skyridge Raichu -- it's first attack is nearly useless to you -- you have several Pokemon with PokeBodies or PokePowers -- but ..... if your opponent has retreated a damaged Pokemon to the bench and it has a PokePower, it may be worth hurting your own Pokemon to KO something nasty on the opponents bench.
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