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    At a Battle Road this weekend, in one round, my opponent started with a lone Skitty PK, and me with a Skull Fossil. He attaches and Tail Whips, flipping heads. The rest of my hand was Double Rainbow Energy, Quick Ball, Rare Candy, Rampardos, Castaway, and Fighting Energy. I draw for my turn and realize I have the win. So I Candy to Ramp, attach DRE, and say "That's it.", symbolizing that the game is over due to Ramp's Assurance attack (for 100 damage). My opponent draws for his turn afterwards. I try to explain that the game was over, so we call over a judge. He ends up calling over 2-3 other judges, and the Head Judge ruled that since my intentions weren't clear, my turn was treated as ended. However, applying any logic at all into the situation, my intention WAS clear, in my opinion. If I had the win, why would I give it up? Not only that, when the judge ruled the game was still on, I said that I had other things I might have done during the turn, had I not "won" (Castawayed, possibly Quick Ball, attach a different Energy, etc.) Afterwards, I was given a warning. I don't understand any of this situation at all. I'm only in Seniors, and this is a BATTLE ROAD. I would understand if this was Top Cut at a Regionals/Nationals/any game at Worlds, but a BR? Would it have been personal, since I've done relatively well in tournaments in the past? I ended up losing the round, and the first turn Castaway would have helped alot, and possibly stopped me from losing. Could you explain this situation?
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    This will be a long response - I've generalized it for the use of any player. I wasn't at the event, and don't know every detail...I'm offering suggestions on how to handle it, based on experiences as a player, judge, and head judge.

    You may appeal to the head judge, any rulings made by the floor judges. If the head judge makes a decision, there is no appeal at that event.

    As a player, it can be tough when a ruling goes against you unexpectedly. Language can be imprecise, facts might not be clear, etc...I have some suggestions for the future.

    1. Make sure you clearly state what attack you're using.
    2. Make sure the damage counters are placed, before they start the next turn. (In your case, it might've helped to state "This attack does 60, minus 10 for DRE, doing 50 - knocking out Skitty.")

    I'm not clear on why you received a warning...if it's for unsportsmanlike, etc. I wouldn't argue too much with the head judge - they might be pretty busy, and if they just see someone wanting to argue with them excessively, I'd make a similar call.

    To address the ruling issue:
    1. Too many cooks in the kitchen. There should only be one judge ruling at your match. They might need to consult with another judge or head judge, but the players need the clear authority of 1 judge at a time.
    2. After everyone has presented their understanding of what the situation was, and there's been time to actively understand the other views, the judge has to make a call. If you disagree, you call over the head judge for an appeal. It might be another round of it.
    3. If you disagree with the head judge's decision, he or she might have time to listen to why you think it's not correct...keep in mind, they have to be looking out for every match...time is sometimes quite precious. You might consider asking "Is this your final decision?" (in a sportsmanlike way...your goal is to continue the match, not get kicked out for sassing the judge.)

    After the match:
    You might consider approaching the judge or head judge, and offering your thanks for his/her listening earlier. It doesn't have to be immediately...a couple rounds, at the end of the day, whatever. If they have the time, there might be discussion, but keep in mind, you're trying to present your best face...polite, understanding, willing to work towards a positive relationship. You can explain your disappointment, your concerns, whatever - your goal is to become a better player and have a better understanding of what that means, so that the situation resolves in your favor next time. Something along the lines of "I felt it was obvious, but there was room for a judgement call that I lost on. Do you mind if I ask your advice on this for future matches?" (The judge might even offer you some useful tips - who knows?)

    Depending on the nature of the warning, you might contact POP and ask them if there are any long-term consequences of the warning, and what options you have. You can contact them through

    Hope this helps!

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