Australian Nationals Report from the Head Judge

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    After flying back from Sydney on Thursday night/Friday morning, then disappearing off to Crofty all day Friday and the Friday night games, I was very tired and my dumb had teh brain. T.T


    Friday Night - Speed Booster
    Went good. Completely forgot about the Plague_00 vs Jade issue. But it was all good in the end. Gordon and Rob (T4L) came back to my place and we did a bit of play-testing with Gordon for his Nationals win. Though I fail at train catching. I rolled poorly. XD

    Ended up at the venue at about 6.55am to set up, with Gordon and Rob along side. Sadly though, the place was already set up, so we had nothing to do but to wait for Renato and Anthony to turn up. Had some time to get some stuff sorted prior to the event.

    Khion vs Nationals: 1-0

    Anyways, got to meet the Tassie players when they arrived... great bunch of people they are (especially Dean and Reilly; I'll explain why later).

    Khion vs Nationals: 2-0

    So once we sorted some things out, we got things underway. After the 2nd round, I ended up changing the top 2/4/8 cut to a top 4/8/16 cut because it seemed that quite a number of master players wanted it like that.

    Khion vs Nationals: 3-0

    After the event itself (and some other little issues) Rob and I went out for dinner with my housemate Athena (who owns an anime store), a friend and my partner. No time to relax though because straight after we got back, I darted home to change and head out to meet Cameron and Gordon at South Yarra so we could check out this place Cam wanted to go to. It was fun...except for the hour and a half that I had to spend on trams and buses because the Sandringham line had been closed. So my 15 minute journey got extended. Got home and crashed.

    Khion vs Nationals: 3-1

    Got in and there was some concern about the top cut (4/8/16) that I had decided. After a meeting with a fair number of players, I ended up reverting it back to top 2/4/8 . So I went with it and gave all the other "top cut" players free entry into the MD Pre-Release.

    Khion vs Nationals: 3-3 (one for the change and one for the drive back home)

    Once everything was settled we got the MD PR underway (after handing out the extra prizes), though it was quite hectic for players, myself and the other judges.

    Khion vs Nationals: 3-4

    Once the top cut had finished, we hadned out the trophies (although I ended up having to glue some of them back together...stupid shipping company) and the prizes for the top cut players. Ended up running out of GE cards so some people had to wait until we got more from the warehouse to crack. Then we found out that we had run out of stock for MD (both theme and boosters)

    Khion vs Nationals: 3-7 (1 for the trophies and 2 for the running out of cards)

    After we cleaned up (thank you again to everyone who helped afterwards), Sam, Kyle, Travis and I went out to dinner. Great fun! ^_^ Then Steven hooked up with us and we went back to my place to hang for a couple of hours before they had to go back to the hotel.

    Khion vs Nationals: 4-7

    So overall, a rather long and tiring weekend. I know I made a few mistakes, but most of them were rectified in some way.

    Renato, Anthony, Rob, Steff, Cameron, John and Natty for being my judges and assistants.
    Gordon - for being a good sport when dragged out of bed at 5.30am so we could get to the venue.
    Jayson, Aaron and Sean for winning Nationals 08.
    Dean, Will and Reilly for winning the famous Wooden Spoons! (Except for Reilly...he got a Wooden Spatula)
    Everyone who turned up
    Everyone who wanted to bash me up but didn't
    Everyone who helped clean up
    All the interstate players
    The Parents
    The Security
    Two Garchomp LVX in the last pack of cards I opened each time.
    Hayley predicting coming 2nd last and getting it right.
    Everyone who didn't beat me over the head with some form of blunt, heavy object.
    Wooden Spoons and Spatula

    Early wake up
    Running out of boosters
    Being hit in the head with a box after being dared to by others.
    Misreading a tram timetable
    Being stuck at a Train Station for 30 minutes before being told we had to catch a bus
    Dislocating my knee on Sunday night (its sooooo sore right now...this is what I get for stuffing up)
    The beach balls
    The broken trophies
    Hayley for missing out on the Seniors Wooden Spoon and making it 3 Tassie players with Wooden Spoons.

    Feedbork can be sent to me via PM or email at [email protected]

    Hayley, you Phail. Epicly. :D

    And remember... If a Magikarp uses Splash, its Super Effective, but nothing happens.
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