Australian Nats - Masters 3rd place report

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Jedi_Amara, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Jedi_Amara

    Jedi_Amara New Member

    I don't know how people remember plays, I can barely remember opponents >_> Next year I start taking notes, this year you get a very sparse report.

    I brought Magkiss and Sceptigrowth with me, after quick consultation with a couple of players I picked Magkiss and hastily changed my list to include Claydol.


    Round 1 - vs Elsa G. with Blastoise/Milotic

    My first match was to my weakness, so I was a bit worried. I think it went to 2-1, but we still finished the round early.


    Round 2 - vs Alan J. with Magmortar/Blaziken

    We each took one round (I don't remember the order) and were on even prizes in the third game when time was called. We went to sudden death and I KOed whatever he had out to take the match.


    Round 3 - vs Kym M. with Rayquaza ex d/Raichu

    Easy match, Magmortar sweep and the double prizes for exs made this a quick one. I won 2-0.


    Round 4 - vs Marcus R. (Lionheartex) with (Pidgeot5's :p) Empalkia

    I was worried about this one, strong water deck + strong player puts out my fire, but Marcus's Mantines were both prized twice in a row with single Mantyke starts both games, so I won 2-0 on pure luck.


    Round 5 - vs Sean T. (silent swordsman lv3) with Plox

    I still haven't beaten Sean ever. This time was no different, he simply outclassed me and I lost 0-2.



    After the drama over top cut we went back to top 8.

    Top 8 - vs Joseph F. with Banette

    This one turned out to be harder than I'd thought, partly due to bad hands. We each won a game and were even on prizes in the third when time was called. We packed up for sudden death and then were told we should have gone to next prize, but since there wasn't much we could do about that we went to sudden death. He started with Shuppet and T1 Ascensioned, I started with a Magmar and Flared him, T2 Magmortar T3 Magmortar Lv. X and an easy win. gg Joey


    Top 4 - vs Marcus again (Empalkia)

    Ew >_> Empalkia again, and this time I wasn't as lucky. First game played out properly and Marcus won, second game he got donked, third game I had no bench and no energy and got donked. (My next draw = Roseanne's :p)


    Had fun, still think 3rd isn't too bad for my first Nats, pity I can't go next year :p

    - Melburnians owning Masters (top 4 all Melbourne, 5 out of top 8)
    - Sean, Aaron, Jayson for winning (Sean definitely deserved it, Jayson for the 4TH TIME IN A ROW! go Jayson)
    - Grinbag for trading me Ampharos ex <3
    - Frank, Joey, K' for the RH Drifloons MD
    - Jayson (again) for "trading" me swag, I owe you kid
    - Coming 3rd in my first Nats
    - Palkia X and Cresselia X in prizes
    - Meeting forum people
    - Annoying Cam with TGW in the match with Sean

    - Top cut drama
    - GE prizes for the fourth tournament in a row :p
    - Booster prerelease clashing with top cut
    - Didn't get any homework done all weekend...
  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    GJ. lol. Any Serene Graces for 0 energies?
  3. Jedi_Amara

    Jedi_Amara New Member

    One early in a game IIRC, and a couple for only one energy.

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