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  1. Everwind

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    Banette's first attack puts damage counters not damage on the defending pokemon, so in that case resistances and weaknesses do not apply correct?

    Also since there is no damage a card like plus power would not work with the first attack either?

    Once you do say 70 damage using the first attack do most folks just sacrifice banette and allow it to be killed? Not sure how this plays out?

    Just curious since any retrun fire would just kill banette or atre you hoping for a first turn kill and the return fire would not have any energy to fight back?
  2. Magic_Umbreon

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    Ghost head is not capable of doing any damage.

    You can't sacrifice it with Ghost Head. Do you mean leave it with 10HP?

    I think Banette decks make good use of spiteful pain as damage weakness is applied for. Rush through and search/discard Banettes.
  3. Everwind

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    Thanks by answering my questions, but by sacrifice you have to know if you drop 70 damage counters on a pokemon as well as Banette, then you have to figure next round it is likely that Banette will be killed as their is not enough healing in the game to recover. Thus you are essentialy sacrificing Banette in a suicide attack for a large damaging Ghost Head attack.

    Now this may be ok if it get's a Banette into the discard pile at the cost of a prize card, but I was curious how folks with Banette tend to play them.

    I am intriqued by this card and I would think it would also work well with some of the electric pokemon as they tend to be fast as well.

  4. Abudoggie

    Abudoggie Moderator

    Well... you are on the right track. Ghost head is ONE option to help put Banette in the discard. Especially when you only aren't powered up with two P energies on your Banette (ghost head is free attack).

    But there are lots of other ways to get a Banette in discard without "sacrificing" the active Banette. And this is a big part of the deck construction. Lunatone is now standard on the bench because its poke-power lets you discard a card each turn. Also notice Banette decks usually play draw/search supporters that require discard like TVR, Mentor, etc. (and not POV, etc. which don't discard).

    Have fun experimenting.
  5. Regis_Neo

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    With Banette, I think Ghost Head is only used really in the initial rounds, where you can drop 60-70 damage counters on him T2 to kill usually whatever starter/active Pokemon the opponent has out. Then after the initial Banette sacrifice, you'll then move in using Spiteful Pain more, as you should have your Lunatone/Solrock on your bench by now and being able to dump Banette in your hand to the discard every turn or so while powering up Shuppet and another Banette on the bench.

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