Bas1990's completely updated trade thread with lots of good stuff, come check it out!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by bas1990, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    United States


    1. No stupid offers, Im not dumb.

    2. I will send worldwide depending on the deal.

    3. All cards are mint unless stated otherwise, you should do the same for me when we do trades.

    4. Trades are finalized once addresses are given.

    5. Make offers first, but if that doesnt work i will check lists.

    6. Pming will make deals go by faster.

    Level X's, Primes and Secret Rares

    Raikou Star
    Rayquaza C Lv X x1 (pack)
    Lanturn Prime x1
    Steelix Prime x1
    Suicine/Raikou Legend Bottom x1
    Blaziken FB lv X x1
    Suicine/Raikou Legend Full
    Suicine/Entei Top x1
    Ho-Oh Legend Top x1
    Gengar Lv X
    Mewtwo Lv X Tin
    Infernape 4 lv X x2
    Electabuzz reprint x1
    Arceus AR1 x1
    Arceus AR3 x1
    Arceus AR6 x1

    Good Rares

    Spiritomb x2
    Metagross UL x1
    Jirachi UL (RH) x1
    Dewgong SV x1 (RH)
    Xatu UL x1
    Blastoise UL x2
    Cursegar AR x3
    Wailord SV x1 (RH)
    Gardevoir SW x1
    Roserade GL RR x1
    Bronzong G x2 PL
    Luxray GL x1
    Manectric PL x1
    Floatzel GL x1
    Ramparados PL x1
    Gallade 4 x3 (2 RH)
    Salamence PA x1
    Pichu HGSS x2
    Ampharos HGSS x2
    Shaymin PL#15 (RH)
    Shaymin PL #38 (RH)
    Ferraligatr x 2 HGSS (1 RH)
    Sunflora HGSS
    Roserade UL x3
    Delcatty PL x2 (1 RH)
    Magmortar UL x1
    Nidoqueen RR x2

    Trainers and Energy

    Interviewer's question's x4 (1 RH)
    Roseanne's Research x5 (3 LP)
    Engineer's adjustments x3 (1 RH)
    Pokemon Reversal x4 (1 RH)
    Good Rod x4 (1 RH)
    Fisherman x1
    TGI Poketurn x1
    Professor Oak's new Theory x4
    Premier Ball x2 (1 RH)
    Plus Power x4 (1 RH)
    Energy Returner x4 (1 RH)
    Pokemon Circulator x4 (1 RH)
    VS Seeker x1 (1 RH)
    TGI Energy Gain x1 (1 RH)
    Cyrus's conpiracy x4 (2 RH)
    TGI Sp Radar x2
    Pokedex x4
    Pokedrawer+ x1
    Super Scoop Up x2
    Copycat x2
    Pokegear x4
    Looker's Investigation x1
    Galactic HQ x2
    Expert Belt x2 (2 RH)
    Pokemon Communcation x1
    Call Energy x1


    Luxray GL Lv. X
    Unopened packs of PL, RR, and UNLEASHED
    RH staples (sp engine stuff, uxies, azelfs, luxray gl, garchomp c, dialga g, etc.)
    Azelf LA xX (RH also)
    Uxie LA xX (RH also)
    Uxie Lv. X xX
    Suicine/Entei Bottom
    Entei/Raikou Full (want this all at once)
    Poketurns, Energy Gains, Power Sprays, Cyrus's xX
    Pokemon Collector x4
    Pokemon Communication x4
    Garchomp C RH xX
    Call Energy xX (RH preferred)
    DCE x4 (RH only)
    Jumpluff xX
    Kingdra Prime x3
    Donphan Prime x2
    Flygon Lv X
    Rare candy x4 (RH only)
    Dialga G Lv X x1
    Garchomp C Lv. X x2 (pack preferred)
    Sableye SF x4 (RH only)

    to check your list
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2010
  2. punyhuman07

    punyhuman07 New Member

    hey there please cml i'm looking to get your charizard from arceus thanks or your time
  3. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias New Member

    cml for
    incoming Spiritomb (AR) and 2x Donphan Prime

    thanks :thumb:
  4. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    is there anything else you need from me bc i need that ho-oh top
  5. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    ozymandias- i like the uxie lv x x2, ho-oh top, and playsets of cyru's and poketurns
  6. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias New Member

    how about

    Ho-oh top
    4x Cyrus
    4x Poke Turns

    2x Donphan Prime
    1x Spiritomb

  7. punyhuman07

    punyhuman07 New Member

    on top of the charizard i can use these for my collection wants
    Raichu Lv X
    Arceus Lv X(Psychic bolt, pack)
    Arceus Lv X(Meteor Blast, pack)
  8. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    sorry no thanks, the trainers arent high priority compared to the other stuff
  9. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    would you do a charizard AR and arceus (meteor blast) lv x pack for the ho-oh top?
  10. punyhuman07

    punyhuman07 New Member

    is the charizard a reverse holo or holo ?
  11. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    its a regular holo
  12. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    I have league roseannes, im interested in your Luxray GL and Shaymin #15
  13. punyhuman07

    punyhuman07 New Member

    let me get back to you on this trade if some reason you need to trade those cards feel free to thanks for your time
  14. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    would you do 2x roseanne's research for my luxray gl (RH) and 1x shaymin number 15
  15. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    Would you do 3x Roseannes for your
    Shaymin #15, Luxray GL RH and 2x Poketurn?

    LMK or Counter
  16. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    sorry just got rid of the 2x poketurn
  17. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    2x Expert Belts then?
  18. bas1990

    bas1990 New Member

    cant we just do 2x roseannes for the luxray gl RH and the shaymin #15?
  19. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    Sure thing! I'll PM you my info.. :thumb:
  20. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    cml for RH ninetales(HGSS), RH luxray gl, RH prof. oak's visit, 1 holo :fire:, 2 holo :lightning:
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