base set blastiose, japanese, green

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  1. shinx-a-vision

    shinx-a-vision New Member

    i traded a bunch of ugo cards for a bunch of pokemon cards, both of us didnt look at them we just swaped.

    i recently found them and the base set blastiose japanese is all normal from top and along the middle of the water symbols for its attack, side to side of the card it fades into green.

    the back of the card is completely normal and there is no water damage and there is nothing making the green colour, ill make a pic for example cause i got no camera.....


    thats where the green is

    and pop lol its real to my knowledge, feel, shigh, smell, rub, all exept taste bah!!!
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    lol pj. i think it just graffiti IMO.
  3. shinx-a-vision

    shinx-a-vision New Member

    its not..... i have ran some tests by rubbing it with my finger hard, nothing and looking at it in the light, nothing and there are scratches in the surface where you can see the silver and the green part isnt raised, its exactly the same hight as the blue.....

    would it explain it if it was left on a window or something and it changed the colour???

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