Best cards of plasma freeze.

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  1. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member

    Here's my quick top 11 list. I had originally thought of posting something longer, but I want other people to share what they think is the best.

    Here's my top 11.

    11. Chandelure: The only non basic I expect to make much of an impact on the game. Works with Rayquaza, White Kyurem, and Team Plasma Snorlax. You can use multiple superrods to get energy back in the deck to flare navigate. Also good against KlinKlang.

    10. Absol: A solid non EX partner for Darkrai. Gets both dark and plasma support and can do a lot of cheap damage if your opponent has a full bench.

    9. Life dew: Prize denial sounds like something that's well worth your ACE spec. Imagine this in a sableye deck...

    8. Tornadus EX: Amazing Donking potential. Even if you don't get four plasma energy turn one, you could still do a lot of damage with the right number of colress machines/skyla/shadow Triad/ and Deoxys. Also has one of the better hand refresher attacks for when you don't want to use a supporter.

    7. Team Plasma Pokeball: A staple for plasma decks. You get any plasma pokemon you want with no drawback. Nothing more needs to be said.

    6. Shadow Triad: Lets you reuse lasers/Colress machine. Can also retrieve pokemon and plasma energy.

    5. Float Stone: This + Keldeo = free retreat for all pokemon. This should do wonders with...

    4. Kyurem: Amazing for a non EX. Frost Spear sets up 3 prize KOs for Lugia. Blizzard burn is a very nice finisher (despite the drawback). This will probably be the main attacker in a lot of plasma decks.

    3. Plasma Badge: Now any pokemon can enjoy the benefits of team plasma. Bouffalant and Tornadus EX can get amazing first turn attacks with colress machine, and those attacks can become even stronger with Deoxys.

    2. Thundurus EX: Duh. A very solid first turn attacker that doesn't even need colress machine. Even better, you have built in energy acceleration that includes special energy. That is huge. Makes Lugia a lot more playable, but I think the number one card of the set is...

    1. Deoxyx EX: It's really interchangeable with Thundurus, but in my opinion, this is the real game breaker. You get the advantage of this instantly and it stacks. Lets look at what you can do.

    -Set up TWO 3 prize turns with Lugia by only attacking once.
    -Power up Lugia to be able to get two prizes off of some big 130HP basics along with some various stage 2s.
    -Allow for Thundurus to easily do 50 damage for one energy and energy acceleration.
    -Lets so many things that would normally be just out of range of OHKOing things to take those OHKOs. (and that's not even getting into what you can do with plasma badge).

    It also helps that he's got an amazing attack that can come out of nowhere and deal a lot of damage to powered up foes. It even knocks out Mewtwo while still being safe from Mewtwo killing you with a DCE. When you scare Mewtwo away, you know you're good.

    Honorable mention: Ghestis: Could be amazing in certain situations, but it could also end up helping your opponent before they Juniper while giving you jack. Lots of potential, just not very reliable.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Disagreements?
  2. failtrainer

    failtrainer New Member

    Not sure it's going to be possible to not run plasma if you want to win. O_O

    They say who goes first doesn't necessarily determine who wins but it might matter quite a bit now.
  3. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    Darkrai has a favorable TDK matchup, so Darkrai is still a very viable play.
  4. TuxedoBlack

    TuxedoBlack New Member

    Nice list and definitely thought provoking.

    Some thoughts/comments:

    • Life Dew. I can not see any player choosing this particular ACE SPEC to play over Computer Search, Scramble Switch, or even Gold Potion. LD has very limited use and could be easily Scrapper'd off a Poké. This particular card would not even make my list.
    • Tornadus EX. Its Tropical Beach-like first attack is quite good, but I personally wouldn't rely on that and its second attack is just "ho hum." Although it is a Colorless Poké and has some versatility to fit in different types of decks, I don't feel it will be played that much. On the other hand, some players may like this Poké and choose to start with this. Just beware of defending Thundurus EXs... This Poké would not even make my list at all either.
    • Shadow Triad. Allows a player to retrieve a Team Plasma card from his/her discard pile and put it into one's hand. This could be useful in a "pure" Team Plasma deck, but since the card is a Supporter and not an Item, I believe it would have very limited use (if any at all). This particular card would not even make my list.
    • Float Stone. IMHO, this will be widely used in many different decks, Plasma and non-Plasma. So, on this aspect of overall versatility and expected/guestimated usage, I would definitiely rank this card higher on my list.
    • Team Plasma Badge. This Trainer can now make any non-Team Plaza Poké an honorary member of the club. In doing so, I believe we will definitely see alot more T1 Night Spear attacks and other "big" attacks from non-Team Plasma Poké on T1. Scary, simply scary... Hence, I'd ranked this card higher too.
    My list would be as follows:

    11. Chandelure. Finally - a Poké that can now make White Kyurem EX (PS) playable. Lol.
    10. Superior Energy Retrieval. Very limited deck use, but Blastoise decks new best friend!
    9. Ghetsis. After some playtesting, I believe this card can be very useful in just a few situations during a game. There is high risk, as well as high reward associated with this card; but when played at certain times during a game, it could possibly be game-changing.
    8. Absol. A new, solid teammate for Darkrai EX decks with decent attacks.
    7. Frozen City. For those players planning to build and run a "pure" Team Plasma Poké deck, this Stadium will be a deck staple.
    6. Team Plasma Ball.
    5. Thundurus EX. IMHO, this Poké is quite good, but just not as versatile as my Top 4.
    4. Kyurem. Anytime a Poké can inflict decent damage unto multiple Poké ranks "high" in my book, and I also believe this Poké is a bit more versatile than Thundurus EX (though lower HP, but no 2 prize liability).
    3. Team Plasma Badge. I already have a few Poké shenanigans planned with this...
    2. Float Stone.
    1. Deoxys EX. Amazing Poké that can increase damage output for any Team Plasma Poké AND Team Plasma Badge attached Poké.
  5. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member

    On Frozen City: It's good, but largely depends on the metagame. If the metagame is taken over by plasma pokemon, it's not going to be doing a whole lot.

    Float Stone is also very good, but I wouldn't play it over switch. Switch gets you out of stasis and retreat lock. Float stone doesn't. I think it will be run as some kind of split.

    Shadow Triad should at least be a staple in plasma donk decks. Running four of these plus four skyla gives you better odds of pulling off pulling off 2 or even 3 colress machines turn one. In other plasma decks, I wouldn't run more than 1 or 2.
  6. pnoodle5

    pnoodle5 New Member

    Float Stone's best use is on a Keldeo EX. Much like the use in Darkrai for "Rush in, Dark Cloak" to clear up any status, you'll definitely see a float stone on most Keldeo from here on out, unless it's got an eviolite.

    Shadow Triad is pretty good early on, but players who hate Skyla will hate Shadow Triad for some of the same reasons. It's not too good with Random Reciever, either.
  7. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    Well i opened a deoxyes ex....and other good cards. But i only opened two ex's in my box and one ace spec.

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