Big Bad Ditto/Terrible T-Tar

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by SuperSaiyanEevee, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. SuperSaiyanEevee

    SuperSaiyanEevee New Member

    I've got it!!! The two cards that can stop Gardevoir!! Check out SK Ditto. If you play it against Gardevoir you can do a sneak attack and Psychostorm with a small little blob. Also you can use Gardevoir 1st attack if he had a lot of cards in his hand!! Just play it with Alakazam and use his power to move an NRG to Ditto then attach one and BANG!! gardevoir is gone!!

    Also, T-Tar Expedition has resistance to :psychic: and 120 HP! It can do high damage and can really hurt Gardevoir if you have Dark. Anyway, just wanted to share!:lol:

    Also try K-Tops from SK and get him out fast to stop Gardevoir from evolving!!

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  2. liminy0

    liminy0 New Member

    You can always play Dusclops and hope for 2 heads :)
    SK Kabutops only prevents bench to involve, so a switch...
    Expedition Alakazam does have a synchroblast of 80, the problem is if you can get same number of energy.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    You still need 4 Energy attached to Ditto. Check out the text of his Copy attack.

    Clefable's Metronome would let you use it for one energy, but that's not legal in new Modified.
  4. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Skyridge Umbreon shuts down Gardevoir pretty well as it is.

    Yeah, Ditto seems kinda cool. All of the T-tar's are pretty cool, my fave is the Aquapolis one though. 5 for most likely 80 and discard top 3... nice. Also, its first attack is awesome for early or late game.

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