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  1. flaredshadow

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    I was wondering if the new text for Rare Candy that has come about with Black and White means that unlike the similar incarnation Pokemon Breeder, even if your pokemon can evolve the turn you played it by means of Broken Time Space or Duskull SW's reaper cloth, you still can't use a rare candy on that pokemon.

    Rare Candy: Choose 1 of your Basic Pokemon in play. If you have a Stage 2 card in your hand that evolves from that Pokemon, put that card on the Basic Pokemon. (This counts as evolving that Pokemon.) You can't use this card during your first turn or on a Basic Pokemon that was put into play this turn.

    The last line of the card seems to imply that there is no way to use Rare Candies on the first turn /turn it's played even if the pokemon could evolve.

    Where as Pokemon Breeder would because its limitation states that the pokemon must simply be able to evolve.

    Last line of Pokemon Breeder: You can only play this card when you would be allowed to evolve that pokemon anyway.

    Thanks to anyone who responds
  2. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    The way I understand it, Broken Time Space overrules the last line of Rare Candy. So if BTS is in play, you can immediately use Rare Candy on the Basic you just put into play, because BTS breaks the rules of evolution.

    (But you still can't Rare Candy the first turn of the game.)

    The easiest way to remember it is that Rare Candy simply lets you skip the Stage 1 evolution. Broken Time Space speeds up the evolution process. (There were kind of interchangeable before B&W, now the two cards have two different purposes.)
  3. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga New Member

    If you're going to give answers, at least try to give right ones.

    Rare Candy and Broken Time-Space do not interact in any way.

    If you just put a Pokemon into play, you can't use Rare Candy on it. Period. It's written right on the card.

    Stop thinking like it's Pokemon Breeder. It's not.
  4. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    I guess my puzzlement came from PokePop saying 5 days earlier that it is Pokemon Breeder:

    There actually isn't a new card yet, right? Granted, the "Changes" document promises it's the new official text...modifying nearly 8 years of Rare Candy effect.

    However my question still is: was this new Errata text written just to distinguish it from the old Rare Candy?
    It's certainly affirming the normal evolution rule we're meant to play with in the context of BW-on or even HS-on.
    If so, the uncertainty stems from that we still have Broken Time Space in the format at the moment, a card specifically designed to break the evolution rule.
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to say that it is literally Pokemon Breeder in each and every possible way.
    In most respects, it is.
    The interaction with BTS is a case where it is not.

    Go by the text provided, that was Kaga's point.
    The text specifically says that you can't use it the same turn a card was played.
    There is no official ruling bypassing that text.

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