Blastoise Prime

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    Blastoise Prime
    Hunched over while using hydro pump with a blueish green background and they know how to make it look sick.

    Pokepower: Ultra Gain- When you play Blastoise Prime from your hand to the field you may use this power. Flip over the 10 cards from your deck, for every energy you find there put it on one of your pokemon and draw an extra card. You can only use use Ultra Gain once per turn.

    :water::water::colorless:Rolling Fall 20+-You may put 2 damage counter on each of your benched pokemon if you do put 20 plus 10 for every damage counter you put on your pokemon. Blastoise does 40 damage to himself.

    :water::water::water::water::water:Water Pulse 70+- This attack does 70 damage plus 10 for every enegy you discard from Blastoise Prime, also do 20 damage to one of your opponents bench pokemon for every energy you discard this way. You can only add 40 damage this way.


    Resistance: - 20:fire:

    Retreat Cost: :colorless::colorless::colorless:

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