Blissey and Lucario

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by empoleonperson, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    I did pretty good with this deck like 7-1 againost a blissey sand electivire deck. with no donks.

    4-3-1 lucaio lvx
    1-4-4 blissey
    1-1 milotic
    1 jolteons star

    11 figghting
    4 boosts

    3 castaways
    3 holon mentors
    3 Tv reporters
    2 strengt hcahrms
    2 tgw
    4 pluspowers
    2 lake boundarys1 warp pints
    1 buffer pieces
    3 celios networks

    basically you gret either a turn two lucaio and or blissey if you dont start wit ha feebas or a jolteon star
    or milotic or happinyyt
    not a big strategy but strong pokemon,
    i put milotic d in t olook a t oppenets hand and see cards and give you an advantafge and use a supporter you see there.
    jholteon star t oadd damage
    happiny to recover from tgw if tyou lose or donbt play it.
    i didnt put in cess crystals because thuis deck is fast and because of happiny chansey and blissey
    miloticd and ffeebas
    jlolteon star and stance wit hriolu lucaio and lucario lvexc
  2. piline

    piline New Member

    What milotic please
  3. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    delta with sharing
  4. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    nd why?
    nd why jolteon *?

    better go 2-2-1 or 3-3-1 with cario and 4-4 blissey...

    my op
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