Blissey/Ditto deck help

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by noisii, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. noisii

    noisii New Member

    4 Chansey
    4 Blissey
    1 miltank
    2 gligar
    2 ditto
    2 gliscor
    1 shroomish
    1 breloom
    1 vaperon
    1 eevee
    1 gliscor lv x
    1 baltoy
    1 claydol

    4 night maintenance
    2 professors oaks visit
    2 poke radar
    1 warp point
    1 bebe's search
    1 cynthia's feelings
    2 roseanne's research
    2 switch
    2 buck's training
    2 team galactic mars
    1 bubble coat

    3 multi energy
    2 psychic energy
    2 dark energy
    2 fire energy
    2 grass energy
    2 fighting energy
    1 metal energy
    2 electric energy
    2 water energy

    I like the miltank for stalling purposes. All the energy I have is for Ditto. I have my the trainers to get Blissey back into my hand after she was knocked out.
    Claydol to get cards into my hands
    The Gliscor to help knock out with poison

    But I think the deck needs something Any suggestions?
  2. Jane

    Jane New Member

    -1 Night Maitenence
    - 1 Shroomish, 1 Breloom, 1 Eevee, 1 Vaporeon, 1 Miltank (blissey IMO is a good staller for itself)
    -2 switch
    -1 Bubble Coat
    -1 Team Galactic's Mars

    +1 Warp point
    +2 Ditto
    +2 Roseanne's Research
    +1 Bebe's Search
    +1 Claydol and Baltoy (if you have them)
    +2 Snowpoint Temple (ditto gets +20 of whatever they get...I THINK thats how its ruled..

    I know you had miltank in there to stall, but T2 blissey takes a while to get through
    I put in a couple Roseanne's so you can get ditto's and the energies for ditto quicker,
    Bebe's to help out getting blissey/claydol

    If you can, try to swap out some not as used energy such as metal/fighting and put in some call energies.
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