Blissey or Blisscatty

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by millionkp, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. millionkp

    millionkp New Member

    which deck, to you, is better... Blissey solo or Blisscatty?
  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Blisscatty. I won 3 BRs with it, all undefeated. =D
  3. millionkp

    millionkp New Member

    i think it will die ast with Delcatty, and especially die if m starter is Skitty.
  4. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Didn't I just prove it was good?
  5. millionkp

    millionkp New Member

    i guess, but could u PM me a deck list please?
  6. PojosamaWannabe

    PojosamaWannabe New Member

    I think Blisscatty is the best Blissey variant. A start with Skitty isn't horrible, attach, 50% of protect, next turn retreat and hopefully have a Blissey up with an nrg already in the discard.
  7. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I run Skitty CG.
    T1 10, T2 evovle, boost 40, KO. <33
  8. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    I say play blissey. It just took 3 BRs and came in second in 2 in seinors.
    Then in junors I'm not exactly sure of the record but I know blissey did very good.
    In my opinion blisseycatty is the worst varient at least in our area because there is a lot of lukario being played.
    Besides blisseys not that good anymore.

    SPARTA New Member

    Aggro Blissey is vastly superior to Blisscatty.

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