Bloody Bone

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by TylerM, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. TylerM

    TylerM New Member

    Bloddy Bone

    3x Dratini(Dragon Song)
    2x Dark Dragonair(The one with the power)
    3x Dark Dragonite(Dark Trance)
    4x Cubone
    3x Dark Marowak
    1x Marowak(Fr/Lg)
    2x Dunsparce
    2x Senert
    2x Furret

    2x Rocket Hideout
    2x CopyCat
    3x Rocketball
    3x Rocket Mission
    2xTV Repoter
    3x Rare Candy
    2x Swoop! Teleporter
    3x Stevens

    4x Dark
    4x Rocket Energy
    8x Fighting

    The idea is to have Dark Dragonite to move around the darks and even be a Backup hitter for 80-90 with darks...The main hitter should be Dark Marowak with a late game swith to the Fr/Lg marowak...the Dark one should be doing well over 120...Thats ny deck..Hope ya like it! :D
  2. Dark Umbreon

    Dark Umbreon New Member

    Hi TylerM,

    Nice choice on Dark Marowak. He also has the best art in the whole set and more than decent attacks. Not sure it works that well with Dark Dragonite since his hitpoints are low and he needs Rocket's Hideout and Pokémon Recycle System to deal a conistant amount each turn. Feel that Dark Dragonite works best with Dark Electrode since it obtains Dark Metal and Darkness from the deck and Dark Dragonite transfers them around on the board.

    Consider to run Dark Marowak with Pidgeot since he is able to obtain the needed cards to fuel his attack within no time. This is what worked best for me:


    POKEMON (19):

    4 Dark Marowak (beatdown)
    2 Pidgeotto (enables)
    4 Cubone (searches)
    3 Dunsparce (draw)
    3 Pidgeot (enable)
    3 Pidgey (evolve)

    TRAINER (24):

    3 Pokémon Recycle System (enable)
    3 Rocket's Hideout (enable)
    3 Rocket's Poké Ball (draw)
    3 Rocket's Mission (draw)
    3 Steven's Advice (draw)
    3 Celio's Network (draw)
    3 Rare Candy (enable)
    3 Copycat (draw)

    ENERGY (17):

    4 Darkness Energy
    13 Fighting Energy


    For a tournament deck take out one Pidgeotto for a teched Marowak.


    The draw cards and a turn two or three Pidgeot should suffice to constantly fuel Dark Marowak with basics and evolutions to discard. The bird also is a nice search card for the most usefull draw trainer and combos well with Pokémon Recycle System. Please let me know what you think about it. Would be also interested in a review for Dark Heart. Thanks for the assistance in advance.
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  3. TylerM

    TylerM New Member

    I like your Idea ALOT better..But.. really like te Furet and would like to try to fit in a 2-2 line...Also.>When it dies..i cn add 20 to a Fr/Lg Marowak attack....What would I take out?I need to take out 5 cards.
  4. Dark Umbreon

    Dark Umbreon New Member

    Hi TylerM,

    Not sure on Furret since he does not do much more than Pidgeot does in this deck but one could cut one Pidgey and one Pidgeot in addition to all three Dunsparce to fit that line. Would could check the deck on apprentice if you are interested since Black Bones is my current Dark Marowak deck in case he arrives at my house within time. Also look into Dark Heart as a second deck. Dark Electrode does not seem to be hard to obtain and Dark Dragonite comes in the starter deck. The deck is wicked fast like the Dark Marowak deck even though Dark Marowak still has the best art :).
  5. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Well i'm going to try Marowak with Dark Marowak Delcatty and Magnaton
    magnaton discards ur pokemon and gets energy back and Hard bone discards pokemon so just hit hard with Vengence
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