Bonnie Versus Prism Star Stadium Cards

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Otaku, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    If someone uses Bonnie while a Prism Star Stadium card is in play... what all happens?

    Trainer - Supporter

    You can play this card only if there is any Stadium card in play.

    Discard that Stadium card. During this turn, your Zygarde-GX can use its GX attack even if you have used your GX attack.​

    while all Prism Star Stadium cards state the following:

    Whenever any player plays an Item or Supporter card from their hand, prevent all effects of that card done to this Stadium card.
    I would not think that Bonnie would still discard the Stadium, but based on the English wording for these cards, it seems like Bonnie would attempt to discard whatever Prism Star Stadium card is in play, then continue with the rest of the card's effect, satisfied I'd done as much as I could.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Yes. There is no "if you do" statement in the card text, so you don't have to succeed in discarding the Stadium. It just has to be there and then discard effect is blocked.
    The rest of Bonnie's effect still takes place.

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