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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Formula Nine, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Formula Nine

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    I have a question about Gardevoir Lvl X's Bring Down.

    Effect states "Choose 1 Pokemon (yours or your opponent's) with the fewest remaining HP (excluding Gardevoir) and that Pokemon is now Knocked Out."

    So, let's say I hypothetically have 4 Wailord GEs in play, all with the same remaining amount of HP, at 200 HP. (LOL) Opponent has Pokemon with less than 200 HP.

    Since none of my Pokemon have the fewest remaining HP, does this mean that the opponent has to Knock Out one of their own Pokemon, because I have Pokemon all with the same remaining amount of HP? (as I have nothing less or nothing more of 200) Of course someone who's thinking wouldn't use Bring Down if they notice this, but just what if?

    Which comes first? The "choosing" part, or the "fewest remaining HP" part?

    If choosing goes first, then they can't KO our whale friend, can they? Is the turn wasted?

    Unless of course fewest remaining hp goes first, then disregard that, lol.

    I know, I know. I lot of questions, but I'm just a little curious how it works out. :)
  2. bulbasnore

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    This is a repeat of the Jan 17th question, which still hasn't been answered.

    With states looming, I'll tell you that if this doesn't get answered, and I'm judging, someone calling Bring Down activates it against the lowest HP Pokemon, even if the attacker overlooked their own Pokemon in that calculation.

    Bring down vs 4 undamaged Wailord on the opponent and a Ralts on your own bench KOs the Ralts. Also, remember, that's ME judging. This may still be answered differently by the rules Team, however. Your judge's answer may vary, including the fact that the judge may refuse to answer your question until the attack is called.

    Now, if someone is reading this and starts to ask the WP vs Bring Down question, that is answered in the Compendium EX.

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