Broken Time Space

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  1. teamgreen58

    teamgreen58 New Member

    So does broken time space cancel it's self out since you can't envolve on the first turn, when playing with the new rules????
  2. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    There's been no change to the rules about evolution on the first turn. You still can't do it normally and any card effect that modifies evolution rules still applies on the first turn.

    Rare Candy specifically was changed - nothing else was.
  3. teamgreen58

    teamgreen58 New Member

    Dang, that would be sweet though :D
  4. champion 1994

    champion 1994 New Member

    ^Why? Sp decks will be even broker than now.
  5. Skytso

    Skytso New Member

    I just want to make sure you understand the answer to your specific question because I'm not entirely sure that you do based on your response...

    The rules on evolution haven't changed. You couldn't evolve first turn and you still can't unless there is card text that states otherwise, like Broken Time Space. If you put BTS in play, you can evolve the first turn since BTS changes the conditions to evolve.

    However, Rare Candy was changed. Even with a BTS in play, Rare Candy states that it can not be played on a Pokemon placed that turn or on the first turn. So if you have a pokemon that was placed turn 1, you could evolve it normally, but you couldn't use a Rare Candy on it.
  6. teamgreen58

    teamgreen58 New Member

    yeah, i kind of was looking at my response myself lol i typed the wrong thing XD

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