Bronzong Cards

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  1. The Collector

    The Collector Member

    Just to get an accurate list these are all of the current printings of the pokemon Bronzong:

    Set : DP Expansion Mysterious Treasures
    #6 Bronzong Holo
    #6 Bronzong Rev/Alt Holo

    Set:DP Expansion Majestic Dawn
    #16 Bronzong Holo?
    #16 Bronzong Rare Non-holo
    #16 Bronzong Rev/Alt holo

    Is there any I missed or non-existant cards?
  2. ShinySwampert

    ShinySwampert New Member

    There is no MD Holo Bronzong. Only non-holo and reverse. Other than that, you're right on.

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