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Discussion in 'National Championships' started by LucarioLvlX, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Yes, that was the collusion.

    "I give you the win, you give me the prizes"
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    I believe the difference here is that Pablo admitted what he did and "turned himself in".
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    Maybe call it perspective from being less involved with the game for a couple of years; but, the rules haven't changed since my days of judging; revealing cards mid shuffle is against the rules. It’s been against the rules for as long as I’ve been reading the TCG Tournament Rules. As much as I believe that, as you point out. many players caught up in this, have done good things for the game in Ontario, it is not the point. The point is there is no such thing as unintentional cheating. Cheating is intentionally breaking the rules. Not knowing the rules is never an excuse for either players or judges.

    I will continue to assume that players cheated without the motive of gaining advantage and judges did not know (or in the heat of the moment were not able to find the appropriate sections of the game rules and penalty guidelines that should have been applied) they were condoning cheating. As you point out many players and all judges work incredibly hard to make Pokemon in Ontario better, but as a community we need to call it what it was - cheating. Trying as some have in this thread to personalize it into an attack on the motives of players and judges can be nothing but harmful. Acknowledging it for what it was, supporting those affected and moving on – that is the way to move forward.
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    This wasn't the case. I conceded in 3 different finals, and then asked my opponents if they wanted to play it out for the prizes that were not the travel awards, I did not ask for the 1st place prizes in exchange for my concession I just asked for a chance to play it out.
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    If you are just giving your friend a win (scooping to them) is that also considered collusion if you recieve nothing in return?
    As an example. My parents are willing to take me to worlds if I get the points but my friends parents will not. Am I allowed to scoop to him in top 8 so we can both go? (at nationals)
    Never mind apparently his dad chanhed his mind.
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    Thank you for the clarification. Although in that case, I'm not quite understanding what the issue was.
    In any event, it's old news and has been discussed enough on this thread.
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    Okay guys, enough's enough with people calling me saying I've posted to the 'gym and I'm going to "get mine" for calling out the cheaters at Nats. I've been staying OUT of this, and I didn't even hear anything happened until it came to my door.

    Now the reality is, this is pretty commonplace down here, and the judges really don't do anything if it's the "elite" crowd. These are the guys that are the role models just as ThroneOfLegends said - encouraging new players, teaching kids, and really increasing the player base.

    They also cheat like crazy. I've had casino training and I know how to spot this crap, and I've seen pretty much every card trick in the book in the 2 years I bothered to play in the Toronto area. I've tried working with the judges, I've tried blowing the whole racket open, and there IS an active fraud investigation with the York Regional Police and the OPP over the whole thing. Will this end?

    I don't care anymore, honestly. I'm not losing sleep over people cheating in a children's card game.

    That said, anyone (you know who you are) who have bothered me over posts on:
    - **********
    - Celadon
    - TheDeckOut
    - Pokegym
    - Pokebeach
    - SixPrizes

    Today is the first time I've logged into a Pokemon site since Battle Roads, I've been really busy with work, with a big move, and getting back into other hobbies. I am NOT INVOLVED IN THIS ANYMORE.

    Thank you and goodnight!
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    Does that mean you're going away again?
  9. DanthePokeMan

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    I'm pretty sure this is what it's all about. And why would this be important? Because somewhere down the line the TO for the GTA is going to get more money. This is the same TO that participates in his own tournaments (using other people to play with his name), sells things in his store that are supposed to be given away at leagues, jacks-up the prices of merchandise at Nationals, and doesn't order t-shirts for Nationals players. The state of the game in the GTA really needs to change...
  10. P_A

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    Dan, you have only part of the story, and only a small part of the history of pokemon up here over the years. I have a few more details to add to what you brought forward, yet when I questioned some of the practices being done, I was set upon by his friends as someone who wants to destroy pokemon up here (which was the furthest from the truth). I got people boycotting my events for all the trouble I went to, to straighten things out. All I asked was for people to have an open mind and see what was really happening, yet few were brave enough to look past their own noses. Even reports to TPCi were rarely followed up properly, with either a slap on the wrist, or no discipline at all, since let's face it, he was the PTO with the most experience organizing in Canada (as far as TPCi was concerned, even though many others had more years of experience), the closest to the largest player base, and the most friends at TPCi's head office. He can call them up any time and smooze things over. In my case, when I looked for equality and fairness for everyone, all I got was excuses, and branding as a trouble maker..... even when Marvin deliberately tried to steal a venue that I lined up as a spot for premier events right out from under my nose. (That is common knowledge by the way - yet few truly believe it for some reason.)

    Some things change Dan, but a lot of things stay the same year after year. That was another factor of the things that lead to my retirement. I honestly hope some things turn around, but as they stand ..... I highly doubt it. The only thing I've seen that has changed is that the PTO who took over from me has been able to schedule events at venues closer to the GTA. However that doesn't change things from happening at Marvin's events. Let me ask you ..... why do you think Marvin has so few staff on his events? One of the reasons why is that it maximizes his take home pay. It may even be possible that he is aware of some problems with certain players, yet unless accusations aren't substantiated by judging staff (which he deliberately keeps very few), he feels he can live with the status quo - again maximizing his pocketbook. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against anyone earning a buck. But there's a right way and a wrong way. [DEL]Same thing - different question: Do you honestly feel that certain judging staff was experienced enough to be classed as "World Classed," worthy of being head judge of Masters at our Nationals? Where were other judges who have had the experience to do the right job?[/DEL] EDIT: The previous [DEL]soft deleted [/DEL]portion was in poor taste. I have no right to judge another judge since I wasn't there to witness anything, nor do I even know that judge personally, but was just making a comment due to hearsay from comments by others. I apologize.

    In any case, being bitter over past history doesn't change future policy. I'm retired, and sometimes glad of it. Quote by a very wise person: "Their house is abandoned to them." However if you want to make a change ... DO IT! Don't allow yourself to be put in those situations again. Seek same minded people and demand change. If you want Canadian pokemon players/judges/leaders/metagame/PTOs to be taken seriously and respectfully, demand that things change and make yourself be taken seriously. You can be the change. Things don't have to stay this way. This has bloodied the nose of pokemon up here but doesn't have to rip the heart out. Hopefully none of the player base will be lost due to some poor lack of judgement on behalf of certain players/judges and PTO. It would be a shame.

    Sure, it's easy being an armchair critic. However, from someone who's been there, I think I have a pretty unique and valid opinion, even if SOME don't agree with me.
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