Candybaby187 trade list UPDATED 8/12/13 plasma wants

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by candybaby187, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    Hi everyone here is what i have for trade!i do not have much but its a start.

    Here is what i have for trade

    keldeo ex promo
    latios ex
    latias ex
    rayquaza ex set
    cobalion ex fa
    black kyurem ex BCR
    2x landorus ex
    2x tornadus ex plf
    3x rayquaza ex promo


    shiny virizion

    x2 archeops
    1x houndoom
    3x machamp

    2x kangaskhan
    1x octillery
    1x machoke
    1x golet
    1x golurk
    1x porygon-z
    2x lileep
    1x shelmet
    2x tynamo
    1x teddiursa
    1x aron
    1x lairon
    1x relicanth
    1x houndoom
    1x lapras
    1x ducklett
    1x froslass

    plasma blast trainers
    1x RH iris
    1x iris
    1x Caitlin
    1x rh reversal trigger
    1x rh plume fossil

    Plasma Blast meta
    2x drifblim

    3x kyruem plf
    3x dragonite plf
    1x klinglang rh pls
    3x empoleon dex
    1x victini nvi
    1x kingdra plf
    1x chandelure plf
    4x Infernape 2 rh pls
    4x weezing pls
    2x Garbodor pls
    4x lucario pls
    2x gallade pls
    3x togekiss 1x rh pls
    1x crobat
    2x manaphy 1 rh pls

    2x rh team plasma badge
    3x rh either
    2x heavy ball
    5x virbank city gym
    3x enhanced hammer
    3x crushing hammer
    2x ghestsis
    4x rh rescue scarf
    2x rh plasma frigate
    1x team plasma grunt
    1x rh frozen city
    1x rh heavy ball
    2x rh eviolite
    1x rh crushing hammer
    2x rh cheren
    4x superior energy retrieval
    1x rh superior energy retrieval
    1x crystal wall acespec

    holo energy
    ex poker keepers
    2x grass
    1x fire
    1x lightning
    1x pyscic
    1x water
    ex Holon phantoms
    1x fire
    1x lightning

    2x FA keldeo ex
    1x FA jirachi ex
    1x RH blastoise (plasma blast) upgrade only
    4x rh silver mirror

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  2. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    You have nothing for trade?
  3. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    sorry just fixed it
  4. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    Check my list for your Keldeo EX.

    I have these off of your wants-
    3 Switch
    1 Level Ball
    3 Bianca
    1 Eelektrik
    6 Fire Energy
    5 Lightning

    Check my list for something else I can add in. Thanks.
  5. dragon buster

    dragon buster New Member

    4x catcher ($44)

    1x keldeo ex
    1x gold potion
  6. pichi764

    pichi764 New Member

    1x lever ball 3x swtich 2x eviolite 2x bianca mewtwo ex 1x eelektrik 5x lightning energy holo for keldeo ex cml for anything else
  7. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    dragon buster sned me a pm
  8. EQcrushedu

    EQcrushedu New Member

    Hi I'm interested in your keldeo EX and Gold Potion. I have from your Wants:
    4X ultra ball
    1x lever ball
    3x swtich
    2x eviolite
    3x bianca
    1x eelektrik
    6x basic fire energy
    5x lightning energy
    and I might have one or two skyla as well. LMK if we can work something out here.
  9. Nino555

    Nino555 New Member

    Please CML for:

    Keldeo EX

    Thanks :)
  10. Spearzo007

    Spearzo007 New Member

    cml for keldeo ex
  11. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    @ spearzo007- i need the 4 catchers

    @ nino- could use the catchers but 2 are not enough

    @EQcrushedu -dont really see anything for the keldeo ex but make an offer on the gold potion

    ---------- Post added 01/07/2013 at 02:14 PM ----------

    @ pichi nothing really sorry

    @koltonsdragonite -nothing enought to trade keldeo sorry
  12. dragon buster

    dragon buster New Member

    Skipped trainerskipped trainer , i made u an offer
  13. Mjf06

    Mjf06 New Member

    hi would you be willing to do this, let me know or counter of course. thanks

    4X ultra ball
    1x lever ball
    3x swtich
    2x eviolite
    1x eelektrik
    6x basic fire energy
    5x lightning energy

    Gold Potion Ace Spec
  14. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    deal sending pm now
  15. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    updated with some holos
  16. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Please CML for Keldeo EX, I have an extra Skyla, hopefully we can work something out! Thanks! :biggrin:
  17. dragonite717

    dragonite717 New Member

    3 skyla and 3 bianca for keldeo ex?
  18. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    Didnt see anyrhing else. Sorry

    ---------- Post added 01/10/2013 at 05:43 PM ----------

    No thanks sorry ..have anything else from my want list?
  19. neerghsoj1

    neerghsoj1 New Member

    CML for Keldeo please.

    ---------- Post added 01/11/2013 at 06:32 AM ----------

    May also have great balls and catchers, just gotta check for them.
  20. AfroDaddy

    AfroDaddy New Member

    CML for Keldeo EX, I have 3x unlisted skylas
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