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  1. MistressPaige

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    Hi everyone as of now we have 2 main formats (Standard/Expanded) and 1 semi casual format (Legacy). Now I have a vast collection of old cards going all the way back to base set and would love to use them in a competitively viable way. I personally would like to see formats that focus on older sets for casual play. For example a Neo format where only cards from the base set upto Neo Discovery can be used. Or an EX format where only cards from EX RS to EX Power keepers can be used?

    Other format ideas are ones that put certain restrictions on the way a player can build their deck. Eg. A no EX format where you can't use EX cards or a Singleton format where you can't have multiples of the same card (You can have multiples of a pokemon but they must be different cards) besides basic energy. Perhaps a Little Cup format where only Common cards can be used?

    What formats would you like to see tested out and perhaps officialised in the future?
  2. yoshi1001

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    Back in generation 5, I was dissatisfied enough with the format that I made my own:

    The basic idea was to be different and cheap (the latter is quite important for getting others to build decks in your formats). I even went so far to build 3 or 4 decks. I enjoyed it more than the main tournament format, which I felt was too dominated by super-powerful basics and had a number of ill-conceived trainer cards (some worse than others).

    FREAKAZOID175 Member

    We ran a fairly successful "pauper" tournament at League a couple of months ago.
    The rules were:
    1. You can only run common and uncommon cards in your deck. Things like Full Art Lysandre and holo energy from older sets were fine since there are common or uncommon prints of them and stopping people from using their bling can really only deter them from playing. :rolleyes:
    2. All sets/promos are legal regardless of release date as long as they are in English.
    3. Lysandre's Trump Card is banned.

    As expected, nearly half of the players showed up with Nightmarch :boxing:, but a few cool things showed up too. Personally, I really enjoy this format. I had so much fun thinking up decks. Donphan Fossils (essentially giving him more robo subs) is really fun. Piloswine (BKT) Aqua Base can rack up damage very quickly.
    I ended up essentially playing Buttermilk (Miltank Butterfree) with Skuntank G (from Platinum) and Virbank City Gym. The Flash Fire Caterpie and Metapod can evolve right away and Jungle had an Uncommon Butterfree so Miltank could hit for 80 on the first turn without Forest of Giant Plants or Broken Time Space. 100 with a Muscle Band. 130, essentially, with Skuntank/Virbank.

    There is at least one donk deck that can be built if you go fully unlimited, and Nightmarch is terrifying with Gust of Wind. So, not a perfect format, but for a largely casual/player base with old cards it does open the door for a lot of people to play who might otherwise not.
  4. Cardkeeper

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    Platinum Shuppet would be a fun deck to play in pauper I think. It was annoying back in the day with Expert Belt, imagine it now with Muscle Band, Hypnotoxic Laser, etc. Bring back one of the most annoying decks in Pokemon history! :biggrin-new:

    FREAKAZOID175 Member

    Pairing it with Robo Subs/Fossils to try to never give up any prizes could be a lot of fun. Donphan isn't too great with Gust of Wind in the card pool, but that would be a non-issue for Shuppet!
    Might need to see if I have any of this Shuppet sitting around, haha.
  6. MegaVelocibot

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    Shuppet, I would say, has been weakened by the Black and White print of PlusPower; they are no longer returned to hand with the Shuppet, being attached to the Active Pokemon attacking, but instead discarded when played to make whatever Pokemon that is Active do more damage with its attack.
  7. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    That's true. Maybe you could pair it with Junk Hunt Sableye? I like the idea of Robo-subs. You could even add some Prof. Kukui in there for even more damage.

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