Changed Game Rules (and Rulings Status) July 16, 2005

Discussion in 'Compendium Notices' started by bulbasnore, Jul 16, 2005.

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    As you may have seen, effective July 10th, there are two new game play rules:

    1. It is no longer permitted to mulligan if your opening hand contains only a Fossil Trainer and no basic Pokémon. The Fossil Trainer must be placed as your basic to open the game.
    2. You can not play a Stadium Card that is the same as the Stadium Card which is currently in play.
    We'll link you to the official ruling when it is released.

    As noted there was no Rules Team meeting June 30. The rulings for July 7th meeting were posted in Ask the Masters. There was also no July 14th Rules Team meeting due to schedule in the PUI offices. July 7th rulings are now entered in the Compendium EX.
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