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Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by ChaosKnuckles, May 23, 2008.

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    Sorry for posting this late. So I get picked up by friend and me, him, and my other friend ride to Next Level Games in Nashville to participate in the Prerelease tournament(was on Sunday May 18(I think)). We get there and find out it starts 30 min later than I thought. What a way to pass time then to have a pokemon dimond and pearl battle(videogame). I never was so excited about a turn based game, you could here me across the mall(well I wasn't that loud, but still). So Prof Clay gets there, I register, and get my packs sometime later. Here is what I managed to make from the cards I got:

    2-1-1 Infernape
    1-1 Hippowdon
    1-1-1 Kabutops(including Dome Fossil)
    2 Sudowoodo
    1 Manaphy
    1 Chingling
    1 Lickitung
    1 Bronzor
    1 Chatot
    1 Buneary
    1 Aipom(50/100)

    1 Dusk Ball
    1 Fossil Excavator
    1 Energy Restore
    1 Poke Ball

    9 Fighting
    7 Fire
    1 Call Energy
    1 Recover Energy

    No srat here, just use what I can top deck.

    So the first rounds are up and find a seat at my table:

    Round 1(Ambipom, Grotle, other stuff):

    So we begin. We both seem to be top decking pretty good here. I bring up Manaphy at one point and search for the stuff I need, but keep flipping tails(but not only that it only lands on 1). Then he gets me in a position where nomadder what I do I lose. Then I see Bronzor on my bench. Its 2-1(he has one) in prizes. So I decide to use Bronzor exactly why I put him in my deck, stall with sleep. He can't flip heads and I eventually draw what I need to win. GG (it would have been in more detail but I forgot most of it)

    Round 2(Darkrai, Eevelutions(I think Leafeon)):
    I start with Chimchar apposed to her Darkrai. I attack and pass. Se gets more basics with Mom's Kindness. I evole and try to kill Darkrai but flip tails. Latter I set up a Hippowdon and sweep.

    Round 3(can't remember):
    Swept with Hippowdon.

    I should have faced the other guy that was 3-0 in my division but I didn't for some reason.

    Round 4(can't remember)
    Swept with Hippowdon

    So I win my second consecutive prerelease, yay me. I pick up my prize packs. My friend pulls a Chomp Lv.X and I trade all my Eevelutions and some Claydol for it. Thanks Prof. Clay for running another smooth and enjoyable tournament!!

    Hippowdon FTW(at least in prereleases)
    Prof Clay for running another great tournament
    Chomp Lv.X

    Only flipping 1 heads with Manaphy the hole tournament(used him at least once in three out of my four matches.
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