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    Over the summer, I've been brainstorming ideas for something that'll probably end up being an internet comic book/manga/whatever. Here's a couple of current designs for main characters (copy and paste URLs):

    Naturally, Orange Soda is a fictional representation of myself. And Cherry is his friend that isn't based on anyone real.

    I wanted a simple look, because something simple would be easy to reproduce. I also wanted to get away from the typical anime look, because everyone and their dog does that. So I opted to look like the DC animated universe. I stuck my KidsWB recording into the VCR and watched Static Shock to get some idea. Then, after trying to make the eyes look like those eyes, I thought about trying rectangle eyes. That looked cool, so I stuck with it.

    Other characters on the horizon will probably include:
    Count Spatula: vampire-starfish.
    Gravy monster: mindless cafeteria creature.
    Grape Soda: evil clone of Orange Soda.
    So-and-such Celebrity: Generic female celebrity.
    Justin Time: Son of Father Time, older brother of the New Year's baby. Is resentful of the human population because everyone thinks that making a "Just in time!" joke in his presense is funny.
    ACRONYM: A secret, evil organization dedicated to a purpose that I will currently not reveal.
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    Aw cool! I signed up for a webcomic to be hosted, but so far Keenspace hasn't gotten back with me yet...

    So far your designs look pretty good. Orange kinda looks a bit like Professor Utonium, but I don't mind that much. What I would do next is start trying to get them to represent different emotions, unless you're going for text-driven emotions over pictoral ones.

    Keep up the good work! :clap: (not that skilled at rating artwork, because of that "eye of the beholder" concept)
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