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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by P_A, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Did you guys sent at the same time? @pokemontrader ... I think her username was Sarah if I recalled correctly.

    Word of advice to everyone... Larger trades should be done with higher refs. No offense to lower refs out there.
  2. Babyskateboard101

    Babyskateboard101 New Member

    You are right Elam18... Her User name was Sarah. I know it wasn't a good idea I was just excited... I have made multiple trades with people on this site for beaches and I have been ripped off... I will use your advice...
  3. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    You said you had multiple trades.. Can you name who ripped you off?
  4. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Also have you filed report about it with the gym tribunal? Is the only way something can be done is if enough complaints are filed with them.
  5. Babyskateboard101

    Babyskateboard101 New Member

    I will file a report now. I just have to figure out how :)
  6. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

  7. CaterpiesAreOP

    CaterpiesAreOP New Member

    It really sucks to see people get taken advantage of. Hope everything works out for you.
  8. IT2Zoroark

    IT2Zoroark New Member

    Does anyone know Jexar personally, or have you done any transactions with him where you have had to send first? I was supposed to receive cards from him wednesday and still haven't gotten them, I sent him a pm yesterday around 1pm CT asking if he had checked up on the package via tracking and he hasn't responded to me, but activity shows that he was on several times yesterday. Which makes me think now he is ignoring me. He told me he had sent out several trades that had already received at the same time as mine but here's the catch not one person has left him a reference and everyone was claimed to have received wednesday and my trade was the only one where he didn't send first. I am not accusing him of ripping just yet, but these things combined seem to be less than coincidental. If anyone has any information please let me know.
  9. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    Does anyone know or have heard recently from PokePhreak? Confirmed a trade 3.5 weeks ago and exchanged addresses with him/her sending first. I've been holding cards for him while waiting to receive in the meantime and nothing has arrived yet. I sent a followup PM over a week ago but no response. I see he hasn't been active in a little while, but I'm kind of handcuffed on my end holding cards I'd rather be doing something else with than sitting on...

    Is it alright to proceed in another direction at this point? And what would the protocol for ref be? I'd want to avoid the situation where I end up getting the bad ref for not holding on to his end any longer. Thanks for the input.
  10. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    If info was exchanged, and they didn't send out, it's backing out... So negative.
    However I suggest PMing a trading mod, as at the same token, because I believe they can leave you a negative since addresses were exchanged. I've found myself in this situation more than once, but once I let mods know, they are usually fine with terminating the trade. Especially it's been over 3 weeks.
  11. IT2Zoroark

    IT2Zoroark New Member

    Do not trade with Jexar he is a ripper. He stole my friend's Shining Celebei about 2.5 weeks ago and I still have not heard from him or seen any of the cards he owes me. That's what I get for trusting someone with only two references (I had only 1 one reference when the trade was conducted). Wow I am so stupid >.<
  12. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    I'm sorry that happened to you :(
    Don't let it discourage you from trading in the future.

    When I started, my cardinal rule was to try and trade with people with a TON of refs, just cause they for the most part were trustworthy!
  13. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    Liquid, generally a good idea is to always ask a person with a negative feedback to explain the negative feedback...some can be left over grudges, but more often they are going to be legitimate feedbacks.

    I had a fine trade with PokePhreak, but it was a long, long time ago so I cannot really attest to any character or that "you're definitely getting the cards"...good luck on dealing with the situation!
  14. IT2Zoroark

    IT2Zoroark New Member

    I have finally concluded my trade with Jexar by way of an in person exchange. I no longer suspect him of being a ripper but I would still use caution since it took almost 3 weeks to get my cards.
  15. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 New Member

    Sorry for the old news, but never.Ever. Trade with oskierox, although he is inactive, he may return. He has scammed me out of my playsets of N and juniper, and I see he scammed someone on this site too. He claimed he would send me new cards when I encountered him, but I never got them.
  16. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    Thanks wilyfungi, over a month and still haven't heard anything so at this point I'm assuming it's a no-go.
  17. x0blacklabel0x

    x0blacklabel0x New Member

    Hey guys, i did something bad. I agreed to a trade b4 checking prices. Nobody has mailed yet and when i noticed the price difference (not in my favor) i asked him if he would throw something else in...he declined so i said I'm so sry and feel horrible but i can't go through with this trade. Do i deserve a neg ref? I told him i would understand if he gave me one, I'm hoping he doesn't though. First time iv ever done anything like that.
  18. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    If address's were exchanged then he has a right to give you a negative ref.
  19. EQcrushedu

    EQcrushedu New Member

    Hey I just had a quick ? involving code cards being emailed and references. I made a trade for someone's physical merchandise for my code cards (to be emailed.) He never gave me his email address, so does this count as not confirming? anyway, he sent the cards, and My internet was down for a little more than a month so I couldn't get online. When i do get it back up I find that he has left me a negative reference, and as far as I know, hasn't posted in this thread or contacted the Gym Tribunal. I sent him a message apologizing and offering to send the codes (which I had saved in a draft waiting for him to send his address) plus some extras for the hassle. He hasn't responded but I think that technically, he wasn't able to leave a negative reference due to the fact that he never confirmed with his address information. How do I figure out what to do here? I've been a very upstanding member of this community and don't ant a blemish like this on my record, especially for something completely out of my control! If needed, I can leave the user's name but would prefer to only say it in pm to a mod, but...anyhow, thanks guys, and Sorry I was gone so long!
  20. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    1. Contact Tribunal about it.
    2. Contact a trading mod about this issue.

    You are opening yourself to many opinions about this issue.

    I would've just PMed him the code cards as you don't NEED an email address, since they're on here quite a bit. He sent his end and you didn't send yours.
    Though your internet was down for a month, you could've went to your friends house or the library or even a cafe with free wifi to send the codes.
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