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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by P_A, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. gigablaster

    gigablaster New Member

    has anyone traded/bought from espy87? i paid for several prof. sleeves and a FA card over 10 days ago and haven't received anything. also PM'd him 2 days ago but yet to hear back
  2. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Hi everyone, I would like to do a ref check on myself. Adam44 and I made a deal a few weeks ago and I never received his end yet. I recently posted a similar card (Blastoise EX FA) on my ebay and Adam44 accused me of scamming him and selling it on ebay. He claims that I used the same sleeve (clear plastic sleeve) and a clear toploader as the one he sent me. In my defense, a clear plastic sleeve and clear toploader is the standard way of protecting your cards and shipping it out to the buyer. I have been in communication with him constantly and updated him weekly. I would also want to know how to resolve this issue because I do not want to ruin my reputation over a $15 card.
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  3. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    I'll assume adam44 is sending first? And you haven't received? And you only have 1 Blastoise EX FA and have no way of ever getting another one?
  4. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    The trade was my Xerneas EX FA for his Blastoise EX FA. Adam44 is sending first. He's from Sweden and he told me he sent his Blastoise EX FA on 4/6/14. I constantly updated him the status every week and told him I didn't received it. I bought a few booster packs and pulled a Blastoise EX FA. I recently sold one on ebay and he assumed it was his since it had a clear plastic sleeve and a clear toploader. Now he's accusing me of stealing a $15 card from him which I never received. I don't know what to do to reassure him that I didn't. This is why I posted here for help to see how this issue can be resolved.
  5. adam44

    adam44 New Member

    Okay I'm gonna tell my side of the story.
    I sent my card (Blastoise EX FA) to him and he would send a Xerneas EX FA to me, when he'd recieve my card. He updated me about once a week, saying he hadn't got it.
    2 weeks ago, or something like that, I told him that we should wait 2 weeks then I would consider it gone and told him to tell me if it showed up (i would do the same thing if they had send it back to me).
    So the day before yesterday, I got a little suspicous because I had sent 2 packages at the same time, both to USA and only one arrived.
    I looked up his account on different sites (to see if I could find something about him), I found his eBay account and found a Blastoise EX FA listed for sale.
    It had been listed around the date when it had gone 5 weeks since I sent it to him (this was the time where I would've considered it gone too).
    I find it even more suspicous that he would trade for a $15 card with a guy from Sweden (me), just to sell it. The shipping to Sweden is at least $2 I believe, so he wouldn't make any money from it.
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  6. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    So you didn't use any form of tracking?
    But you have decided to assume several things.
  7. adam44

    adam44 New Member

    Sadly, no. I'm new to trading so I thought i didn't need to, but this proves me wrong, even if it just had been lost, I would start sending more expensive cards with tracking after this.

    And yes, I have. Because this is what I know:
    - I've sent the card
    - He had listed a similar card (around/after I said that I would consider it lost)

    I don't know if he'd recieved it, but if he would have he would probably do 1 of 2 things:
    - lie about he haven't recieved it, to not raise any suspicion
    - just ignore me, to go away with my stuff, since I won't be able to reach him (it will be hard at least)
    as we know, he have told me that he haven't recieved it.

    and as I explained before, why would he trade for a card that he would then sell, and not making any profit? this just makes me so suspicious about this.
  8. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    When you trade for a card, it's suppose to be for almost the same value amount. If one side profits too much, then the trade will not commence.

    These are the possibility that could happen:
    1) The card might be stuck in customs
    2)the amount you put on postage is insufficient and it is being returned to you.
    3)or it's still on its way. I have received cards 2 months later and the trade is within the US.
    4) You wrote the address wrong and it's being return to you.

    Why would I lie to you over a $15 card, I don't think it's worth someone's time to scam you of a $15 card.
    I did not ignore you. I kept you updated every week.

    Sorry if I sound in any way defensive. I'm just replying to your points.
  9. adam44

    adam44 New Member

    Yes, I know that, that's why I don't know why you would trade for it, just to sell it, when you make no profit of it.

    Yes it can occur that it is in that way.

    $15 can be alot for some people, and also if you do it a lot of people, it adds up.
    I didn't say you ignored me, I said that a scammer would do 1 of those things.
  10. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Just as elam18 knows:
    1) He has not received your card
    2) He pulled a Blastoise EX FA from a pack.

    Now here's what we know:

    1) You allegedly sent the card.
    2) elam18 allegedly has not received the card
    3) He's selling a card. A card that he could have pulled from a pack. Or received in another trade. It is not that rare after all.
    4) Clear plastic sleeves and clear plastic top loaders are extremely common.
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  11. adam44

    adam44 New Member

    I know that he listed it around the date when I had considered it gone.
    He traded for my card to sell it, why would he do that when he won't get any profit from it, but when he just gets my card without giving me anything, he can easily get $15 in his pockets without losing anything.

    EDIT: If you have traded for another one, please show us that you did.
    The thing is that he intended to sell my card (that's what it looks like at least)
    because if he didn't he wouldn't have sold the one he have said to have pulled from a pack before he would've gotten mine.
    and when is the perfect time to sell it, when I think my package is gone.
    and I'm also a perfect target for a scammer, since I'm inexperience with trading and close to no refs
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  12. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    I told you I pulled the blastoise from a booster pack. I did not get it from a trade.
  13. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    On 4/4 you sent me this PM before we exchanged address:

    Yes, that's the drawback of just starting collecting xD*But is it ok if we wait a bit, I've sent 2 packages to other people and I don't want to have too many packages "on the way" at the same time.If that's ok with you of course :D

    You said you sent 2 packages (not included mine) to the US, but on this post you said you sent 2 package in total. Do you have any receipt to show that you have sent your part of the trade?

    [Edit] I meant to say PM, not email
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  14. adam44

    adam44 New Member

    We haven't talked through email, this was a private message, but back to the point.
    Before we exchanged addresses I had 3 other trades I was involved in, 1 here on pokegym and 2 on pokebeach.
    I sent 2 packages before I sent yours, this was why I wanted to wait a bit.
    I then got to know that one of the packages had arrived, so the day after I told you I would send it earlier than I thought at first.
    I then sent the next 2 packages, both were to USA, 1 of them was yours.

    No I don't have a receipt that I can show, because here in sweden it just shows that you have bought stamps.
    If I had sent it with tracking I've could of showed you.
  15. eDizzle06

    eDizzle06 New Member

    Has anyone here recently traded with MP Pokemon? I've already made a deal but I'm a bit worried because what I'm sending is more than $50.
  16. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    Why not add tracking? :)
  17. eDizzle06

    eDizzle06 New Member

    I'm not worried about if it gets there or not, I just don't trust him enough to ship him $50-60 worth of cards that I might not get anything back in return. Five references isn't convincing enough for me to make a huge risk trade unless somebody is willing to vouch for him.
  18. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    Well looking at your thread you two haven't even started a deal (since deals in PM aren't allowed)
    So I'm thinking why not break your trade up into smaller pieces? Like do a $25-30 deal and then another?
  19. eDizzle06

    eDizzle06 New Member

    That's probably because we've kind of established a deal on not only my thread but his as well. But your suggestion's not bad at all, thanks.
  20. cheaterbug

    cheaterbug New Member

    For what it's worth, I've made 2 trades towards the end of 2013. 1 to elam18 and 1 to another trader which I will called trader No. 2. (I will not name him as we are still sorting it out. And yes, it's almost a year and the trade is still going).

    I had to send first to elam18 since I am new here. I kept in contact with him through inbox every week asking if he received my part of the trade, and every week he would say no. And this would go on for 2 months, until I just gave up. The cards were not sent back to me either, telling me that a high probability that elam18 has received as I have never had a post gone missing. It can happen, but very unlikely.

    And here I am, back on pokegym, looking through this thread, and guess what, I see elam18 and also trader No.2 being accused of ripping! For trader No.2, I will definitely make a whole post about him if we still can't resolve the trade.

    So guys, if you sent first to elam18, and he claims he did not receive anything, you are not alone, it has happened to me too. I do not know how iTrader works, but this is my review after trading with elam18.
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