Chicken Eggs (E-On)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by TheDeuce, Sep 13, 2003.

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  1. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Basically this is just an updated version of that Typhlosion/Exeggutor deck that was pretty popular in WotC's modified. Here we go....

    3 Blaziken (EX1 Firestarter)
    4 Combusken (EX1 Lunge)
    4 Torchic (EX1 Singe)
    2 Exeggutor (E2 Grass-Type)
    2 Exeggcute (E2 Grass-Type)
    2 Magmar ex (EX1)
    2 Azurill (EX2)
    - 19 pokémon

    16 Fire Energy
    - 16 energy

    4 Professor Elm
    4 Juggler
    2 Professor Oak's Research/Copycat
    3 Pokémon Fan Club
    4 Switch
    2 Town Volunteers
    2 Elm's Training Method
    2 Star Piece
    2 Pokémon Nurse
    - 25 trainers

    Pretty obvious combo there, get as many Blazikens as you can out, and use Firestarter, so Eggy's Super Eggsplosion to (hopefully) deal around 80 damage each turn. Magmar ex is there for his stalling abilities, plus he can be a monster if you get him out early enough, Azurill lets me get that Elm or Juggler when I might need drawing, yeah, the low HP hurts, but as long as he gets that one trainer card that I need, he'll have served his purpose, and I should be able to recover from the loss of one prize.

    Elm, Juggler, and Oak's Research/Copycat are obviously for drawing. I'm experimenting with Oak's Research over Copycat, because there's no Cleffa and the amount of cards in a player's hand is gonna be down somewhat. Switch is there for that new 1 retreat per turn rule, and the fact that there's no free retreaters. Elm's Training and Star Piece help me get the evolutions. Everything else should be obvious.

    Questions? Comments?
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Simply put, I like it a lot. I always liked decks that could evade the one-Energy-per-turn rule, and abuse the ability.
  3. KYDAD

    KYDAD New Member

    I played an Exeggutor/AQ Electrode deck that had roughly the same idea as this deck. Here's a few things I found:

    -- 12 energy are plenty.
    -- The only match I lost in the Fan Appreciation Tourney was when I got my Executor knocked out early and couldn't find another or a Town Volunteers. I like a 3/3 line there if possible

    -4 Fire
    +1 Exeggcute
    +1 Exeggutor
    +2 CopyCat

    I also liked the Psychic Exeggcute from AQ better because of its 50 HP, even though the Grass one's Growth Spurt is also nice.

    Nice Deck
  4. TheCrossFormatKid

    TheCrossFormatKid New Member

    IMO, 16 FIRE energy is perfect for this type of deck because you also need to get them into the discard using cards along the line of juggler, etc. I myself try to stay as far away from flips as possible simply because one day, they might just "crap out" on you.

    4 Professor Elm
    4 Juggler
    3 Copycat
    3 switch
    1 Town Volunteers(the only thing you are going to be getting back are pokemon, so there really isnt a need for 2)
    3 hyper potion(good synergy because you can get the energy back)
    3 rare candy(how can u pass this up? play a torchic, same turn you have yourself a blaziken)
    1 pokemon fanclub

    The problem i see with most "eon" decks is the overwhelming use of supporters, i tried to cut it down the the bare necessities and things like healing shouldnt be wasted by using your once-a-turn supporter. This gives us room for more/better pokemon and energy.

    4 Blaziken (EX1 Firestarter)
    3 Combusken
    4 Torchic
    3 Exeggutor (E2 Grass-Type)
    3 Exeggcute (E2 Grass-Type)
    2 Magmar ex (EX1)

    Now, i took out the azurrils because it hurts starting out with a weak basic that cant evolve. Change the combuskens to the ones that have 70 hp and the torchic to the ones with 40 hp(well, this is more based on metagame, play test it to see what works best.)

    AND finally, for energy
    16 fire energy(good number)
    2 warp energy(help switch your active to the bench in order to power it up again and also adds energy to power up the attack)
    1 cyclone energy(this helps break stale mates when your opponant is stalling with a big basic that you just wanna get around, again, playtest and see what works for you)

    Overall, this deck should do quite well, but as with everything it has its weaknesses:
    Good things:
    TONS of damage
    Fairly fast
    Can recover well from a harsh start.

    Bad things:
    Weak to fire, and fire seams like it might have a large turn out in the future
    Inconsistant: again, i really try to stay away from flips but you will be flipping alot of coins so it shouldnt matter that much
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2003
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