Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by Jason, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    2x Crescelia X
    2x Darkrai X
    1x Solrock rev foil
    1x Lunastone rev foil
    2x Baltoy rev foil
    2x Claydol rev foil
    2x Crescelia rev foil
    2x Darkrai #3 rev foil
    4x Pachirisu rev foil

    Medium Priority:
    3x Togepi rev foil
    2x Togetic rev foil
    3x Togekiss rev foil
    4x Porygon rev foil
    4x Porygon2 rev foil
    3x PorygonZ rev foil
    3x Mudkip rev foil
    2x Marstomp rev foil
    3x Swampert rev foil
    3x Treecko rev foil
    2x Grovyle rev foil
    3x Sceptile rev foil
    2x Blaziken rev foil
    4x Rare Candy rev foil
    4x Felicity's Drawing rev foil
    4x Moonlight stadium rev foil
    4x Amulet coin rev foil
    4x Leftovers rev foil
    4x Premier ball rev foil

    Low priority:
    1x of every other rev foils for my collection - just list them or make me check your haves.

    Bold means need it AsAP for states.
    Paypal only.
    Be able to ship to Australia.
    Name your price please.
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  2. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    i only have the rh cards i listed in my sellers thread, no duplicate....i will not be going to another pre-release,
    but i will be getting 1 case(6 boxes) by next week...if your interested make me an offer, i'm only selling them as a set..
    i can send out first thing in the morning pending paypal payment....lmk

    i also have these in jpnese versions
    1x Crescelia X
    1x Darkrai X
    1x Solrock
    1x Lunastone
    2x Baltoy
    2x Claydol
    2x Crescelia foil
    2x Darkrai #3 foil
    4x Pachirisu foil
    make an offer if interested
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  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I can have the rev foil u got from the PR set... I dont know....$35USD shipped?

    And yeah, I can wait for more that ur getting from the cases and can hold any rev foils for me - especially these bolded ^^;


  4. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Hey Jason!

    Heres what I have:
    1x Baltoy REV
    1x Togepi REV
    2x Porygon REV
    1x Mudkip REV
    1x Mudkip REV
    1x Marstomp REV
    1x Swampert REV
    1x Leftovers REV
    2x Moonlight Stadium
    2x Premier Ball

    1x Delibird REV
    1x Granbull REV
    1x Seviper REV
    1x Skarmory REV
    1x Wailmer REV
    1x Unown G REV
    1x Cacnea REV
    1x Caterpie REV
    1x drowzee REV
    1x Glameow REV
    1x Jigglypuff REV
    1x Tangela REV
    1x Torchic REV
    1x Wingull REV
    1x Weedle REV
    1x Zigzagoon REV

    $20 USD Shipped?
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I have been to my first PR and I only need like some of them... So yeah, Ill update my list soon.... However I prefer to buy the urgent side of the list....Especially a Crescelia Lv.X
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