Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Freezer, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Close Pls°!°
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  2. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    I don't have any of your wants,
    but could you check my haves in my sig

    will trade lots for a set of pika sleeves

    check out my great promo section,
    will give lots

  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Would you do 60 red players sleeves plus a pack of the silver pokeball for the pikachu sleeves? If not LMK if i have anything oyu may want.

  4. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    I am not interested in the silver pokeball sleeves that much. Do you have any Wailord Ex or Lugia Ex you can add?

    The refs thing wouldn't be the problem but i don't need anything else from you...

    Sorry there is nothing i really need from you =[
  5. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    cml for the sleeves, i have 3 diff types of energy sleeves, maroon, silver with gray energys, silver with blue energys
  6. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Nothing really. I just sell the Pika Sleeves in packs with 60 sleeves each. The Wailord is much less worth than the Pika Sleeves. I think I will pass for now.

    I like to get some of your GER and ENG TSD. How many can you offer for these packs (how many do you want?)? I don't want the Energy Sleeves that much!
  7. TcgPlayer2006

    TcgPlayer2006 New Member

    Freezer: I have Wailord ex SS for trade! I am really interested in the Pika Sleeves! What we can do? LMK via PM!

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    Hey, I live in England so postage should be quite and and quite cheap!!

    I want Pika Sleeves for Lugia ex (not mint but in quite good condition), 2x Porygon Z ( nr mint) and 1x Gallade (nr mint)(all ENG)
  9. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Will PM you in a few mins :p

    Sorry, I will pass.
  10. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    i have 2x jpnese and 2x u.s. and 2x german of the tsds, pm me an offer
  11. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

  12. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Update, trade me your DP5 Stuff =)
  13. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    Your 1 pack of Silver Pika sleeves for my Porygon Z Lv.X.
  14. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Sorry, def. not! I said go BIG or stay Porygon Z Lv. X ($20-$25) for Pika Sleeves ($90+) doesn't really sound like a fair deal...
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