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  1. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    4 starters rules
    1. i dont trade out of north america unless its something i could die 4
    2. dont make dumb offers
    3. and as far as the cards conditions go if u dont ask i wont tell
    4.only english cards
    5. read rule 3 again
    6.usually i like to trade same time no matter what
    7.dont pm me unless we are finalizing
    and the rest are just the same as everyone elses


    Stars, EX's and LV.X's
    1-latios ex delta (DF)
    1-latias ex delta (DF)
    2-delcatty ex (CG)
    2-jirachi ex (CG)
    1-walrein ex (PK)
    1-mightyena ex (HP)
    2-metagross ex (pk)

    1-dialga lv.x (GE)

    Non-holo rares
    1-golduck (SW)
    4-wailord (GE)
    1-lapras (GE)
    2-floatzel (DP)
    3-whiscash (MT)
    3-glalie (MT)
    5-mantine (MT)
    2-primeape (GE)
    2-dugtrio (SW)
    4-sudowoodo (MT)
    1-menectric (MT)
    1-jolteon (MD)
    1-pachirisu (DP)
    2-espeon (MD)
    1-kingler (GE)
    3-milotic (GE)
    3-arcanine (SW)
    4-ninetails (MT)
    4-crobat (MT)
    2-unknown i(MT)
    3-unknown s(SW)
    2-toxicroak (MT)
    3-unknown h(GE)
    3-slowking (GE)
    2-hypno (GE)
    1-bronzong (MD)

    3-luxio states stamp
    5-pop7 sentret
    1-pop7 ralts
    3-pop7 mareep
    3-pop7 burmy (sandy cloak)
    3-pop7 burmy (plant cloak)
    1-black star promo #27 pikachu
    1-pop2 venusaur (holo)
    3-pop2 tauros (holo)
    1-pop2 entei (holo)
    2-pop3 vaporeon (holo)
    2-pop3 flareon (holo)
    2-pop3 jolteon (holo)

    Non-rare verse holos
    2-houndour (GE)
    3-combusken (GE)
    1-vulpix (MT)
    1-illumise (GE)
    2-weedle (GE)
    1-masquerain (MT)
    1-spinarak (MT)
    2-chikorita (MT)
    1-snover (MT)
    1-hoppip (SW)
    2-surskit (MT)
    1-volbeat (GE)
    1-caterpie (GE)
    1-slowpoke (GE)
    2-marill (DP)
    2-luvdisc (GE)
    1-gorebyss (GE)
    1-stunky (DP)
    1-machoke (DP)
    1-trapinch (SW)

    older reverse holo rares
    1-armaldo ds (hp)
    1-snorlax ds (df)
    1-dugtrio (cg)
    1-kabutops (pk)
    1-machamp (pk)
    1-venusaur (cg)
    1-loudred (cg)
    1-dusclops (cg)
    1-scramble (df)
    1-holon's electrode (ex ds)
    1-meganium (uf)
    1-weezing (ex ds)
    1-houndoom (uf)
    1-blaziken (emerald)

    newer reverse holo rares
    1-ambipom (mt)
    1-roserade (sw)
    1-dustox (dp)
    3-tangrowth (ge)
    2-tortera (dp)
    1-aggron (mt)
    1-mr. mime (mt)
    1-unknown i (mt)
    1-ninetails (mt)
    1-typhlosion (mt)
    1-munchlax (dp)
    1-rotom (ge)
    2-electrode (sw)
    1-hippowdon (dp)
    1-wormadam sandy cloak (sw)
    1-golem (sw)
    2-rampardos (mt)
    2-blastoise (sw)
    2-whiscash (mt)
    1-gyardos (mt)
    2-absol (sw)
    1-jolteon (md)
    1-toxicroak (md)

    older holo rares
    1-mistys tentacrual (gh)
    1-mr. mime (j)
    1-nidoqueen (j)
    1-nidoking (base)
    1-vaporeon (j)
    1-pliwrath (base)
    1-zapdos (base)
    1-magneton (base)
    1-gyardos (base)
    1-kingler (expedition)
    1-steelix (aquapolis)
    1-magneton (aquapolis)
    1-salamence (ex dragon)
    1-sceptile (ex r and s)
    1-swampert (ex r and s)
    1-flareon (ex ds)
    1-flareon (uf)
    1-aggron (lm)
    1-slowking (uf)
    1-unknown (uf)

    if u dont see something u want i have many other rares, holos, and verse holos.

    base set charizard
    gardy lv.x
    leafeon lv.x
    garchomp lv.x
    any bebe's with an error on it
    states 07-08 pin
    black star promos
    pokemon atire
    old badges
    pokemon coins
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  2. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    i would like to apologize to anyone who has posted or pm'ed me this past week i've been having coputer problems.
    but everythings fine now.
  3. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    CML for
    1-latios ex delta (DF)
    1-latias ex delta (DF)
    2-delcatty ex (CG)
    2-jirachi ex (CG)
    1-walrein ex (PK)
    1-mightyena ex (HP)
    1-metagross ex (pk)

    Non-holo rares
    4-wailord (GE)
  4. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    im interested in ur lv.x's make an offer
  5. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    How much you value EXs?
  6. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    depends on wich ones.
  7. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    Well I want any one.
  8. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    how bout we say two exs to one lv.x?

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