Cobalion Noble Victories

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  1. Profesor Bain

    Profesor Bain New Member

    I have a question about the attack Iron Breaker of Cobalion.

    Supose I'm using a Donphan Prime and the opponent uses this attack, I use a Switch to put it back to the Bench, and then I retreat the new Active Pokémon to put Donphan again, can Donphan Prime attack again?
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

  3. Profesor Bain

    Profesor Bain New Member

    Thank you. A friend of mine has this doubt and I didn't know the answer :)
  4. arMILO

    arMILO New Member

    yes, to expand on it; whenever a pokemon has an effect placed on it if that pokemon retreats to the bench the effect gets removed. as the game state doesn't see it as the same pokemon who's returning active, but simply a pokemon that was on your bench who is becoming active. Much like how poison or burn or confusion etc. doesn't follow you to the bench, card effects placed on that card don't either. Unless the effect is placed on the players themselves or on the game state, then yes all day long.

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