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    Note to mods: this post is a Work in Progess. If you're not happy with it, please lmk ;)

    Please don't make any decisions based on the information here. It is not finished work and most claims are unconfirmed.

    I'm going to ask to have the images put onto Pokegym so they can be inserts rather than links.

    Boosters and Theme Decks________________________________________________

    BW1 Black & White Beta Booster

    BW1 Green Tornado (Serperior) Theme Deck
    BW1 Red Frenzy (Emboar) Theme Deck
    BW1 Blue Assault (Samurott) Theme Deck

    BW2 Emerging Powers Booster
    BW2 Toxic Tricks (Scolipede) Theme Deck
    BW2 Power Play (Krookodile) Theme Deck

    Black & White Trainer Kit

    BW3 Noble Victories Booster
    BW3 Furious Knights (Escavalier) Theme Deck
    BW3 Fast Daze (Accelgor) Theme Deck

    BW4 Next Destinies Booster
    BW4 Explosive Edge (Reshiram) Theme Deck

    This code card unlocks 1 online version of the Next Destinies Reshiram Theme Deck.

    BW4 Voltage Vortex (Zekrom) Theme Deck

    This code card unlocks 1 online version of the Next Destinies Zekrom Theme Deck.


    Tin: Samurott Tin

    Tin: Serperior Tin

    Tin: Emboar Tin

    Box Sets________________________________________________________________

    Box Set: Mewtwo Collection Box

    This code unlocks the Battle City Stadium Card, a Mewtwo Handheld Avatar Figure and a Mewtwo Handheld Oversize Card.

    Box Set: Espeon Prime Challenge Box

    This code unlocks Daybreak Theme Deck, Espeon Prime, 3 Booster Packs (any?)

    Box Set: Machamp Prime Challenge Box

    This code unlocks Royal Guard Theme Deck, Machamp Prime, 3 HGSS: Triumphant Booster Packs

    Box Set: Umbreon Prime Challenge Box

    This code unlocks Nightfall Theme Deck, Umbreon Prime, 3 HGSS: Undaunted Booster Packs

    Box Set: Yanmega Prime Challenge Box

    This code unlocks Verdant Frost Theme Deck, Yanmega Prime, 3 HGSS: Triumphant Booster Packs

    Box Set: Black & White Reshiram Box

    Box Set: Black & White Zekrom Box

    Box Set: BW1 Black & White Mini Collector's Album Box

    Box Set: BW2 Emerging Powers Mini Collector's Album Box

    Original Post:

    I've just been trying to find out what comes on the Code Card in the Mewtwo Collection Box, and really can't seem to find any actual info on it.

    It seems a bit bizarre that no one is bothering to collate information on what you get with a particular type of code card.

    If the work is being done elsewhere and I've failed to find it, a link would be much appreciated. If it isn't being done, I'll start it here and perhaps it will be a useful thread.

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  3. manicgiraffe

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    Thanks, that's useful info, but it doesn't say anything about that on the Toyrus website?

    So are you basing that on your own experience?
  4. ticka222

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    im certain of the stadium and 3 packs,some people on the gym are selling mewtwo codes so i presume those come from the box.

    reference link from an old topic,the seller may know if its from the box
  5. manicgiraffe

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    Yeah... but they're Mewtwo codes cos they've come from the Mewtwo box... Still doesn't tell you exactly what you get?

    Appreciate the effort though; looks like this is something that isn't being done!
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    Just redeemed mine. It gave me a Battle City, Oversized Mewtwo-EX handheld and Mewtwo figure handheld.
  7. manicgiraffe

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    Vablakes - thanks for that, Troll and Toad agree so it can probably count as confirmed :)
  8. Juxtapoz

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    dropped my code the other day, mostly just for the stadium.

    the 3 codes that it mentions on the box are in the packs of nd that come in the box, they are not in addition to those packs
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    I was going to make a new topic, but I guess I'll just ask here.

    I want to buy deck codes soon and I'm finding it hard to tell which codes really unlock decks.
    Like the Daybreak and Nightfall codes. do those unlock decks or not? will they at a later date?
    How many theme decks can be unlocked? The info I am finding seems conflicting.
    Can all the Theme decks be used online?

    Can someone make a clear up to date list of what can be unlocked with codes and the product that has each code? (I feel like the first post in this topic is confusing.)

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