Colin gets first at least in Swiss Rounds

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by swanton1717, Jul 12, 2004.

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    Ya so this will be my report from the South Stadium Challenge. We leave 6:30 AM on Friday and get to Arlington at like 6:30 PM. We have dinner with a bunch of Texas people, but I have a very annoying headache so I don’t really feel like being Mr. Social so I don’t really talk to anyone. So we go back to the hotel and do stuff, I don’t remember what though. But I go to bed pretty early.

    Anyway I wake up at 7:30 Saturday, shower, and do my hair. Then we leave for the convention center. We get there and just walk around a bit and it starts ON TIME so that’s a plus. So let me go onto the report, I played Exploud btw.

    1st Round: Man with Blaziken
    I get up extremely early and get down to 1-6 in prizes. Then he KO’s a lot of my Explouds and such and I am left with Wobbuffets, so I basically just wait for time to be called and keep Nursing my Wobs. So I win as time is called and its 1-2 in prizes.

    2nd Round: Man with Team Aqua Deck
    I get set up with like a turn 2 Wobbuffet and grab a few prizes with that. I then Briney it up and start smacking around with Exploud. This ends pretty quickly.

    3rd Round: Ummm Roy from Oklahoma with Swampert
    I get up early and he doesn’t really get set up, he makes a mistake of laying down 2 Mangeton and 2 Delcatty on the bench and maybe a Dunsparce. So he has like 1-2 spaces for Mudkips. I get up an Exploud and just start smacking everything and lay down Desert Ruins to screw over his Swampert Ex’s. He puts out a Ancient Tomb, but that helps me more then him because now his Swampert Ex’s cannot ohko my Explouds ^_^ I think I win by time as well, or him decking or something. But I win.

    4th Round: Boy with Mewtwo Ex/Milotic/Gorebyss
    Well this is a pretty easy game. I play a Wynaut first turn and grab a Whismur with Smile. He SARS and then grabs a Mewtwo Ex and like 2 of other stuff. I attach to Whismur and smile for Loudred. Well he retreats for mewtwo ex and absorbs. So ya I evolve to Wob attach boost and grab 2 prizes ;P He then sends up like sparce and SARS again for more stuff, but not Mewtwo Ex. Well I basically just smack everything with Exploud from now on, he obviously didn’t know much as he thought Milotic got rid of the pebbles off of Mewtwo Ex, so I cant believe no one else caught him doing that earlier..or maybe he was cheating? Hmm. Anyway I win.

    5th Round: Taylor Blaziken
    We draw. But we play for fun and I crush him.

    6th Round: A guy with Gardevoir
    Ya so Gardevoir is like auto win for Exploud so I basically just get up my Exploud and have one energy in play and he can’t do anything to me. I just spread the pebbles and ATM rock for many many prizes.

    7th Round: Shiftry
    We draw. We play for fun and it was a close game..but I win.

    Ya so I go into Top 16 being the first seed. So I am pretty confident. Also Pat(nikepk) gets into Top 16 so that’s really cool =) There were many many Blaziken decks in Top 16..i’d say maybe like 9 or so. Ya so lets get to my match.

    Top 16: Man with Blaziken/Salamence
    Round 1: Well I start with 2 Whismur, 2 Psychic, 2 boost, and an Exploud. I knew that I win if I can get a Loudred or something. Well its after 6 turns and I have used no Supporters and have gotten no Loudreds or any other Pokemon besides more Explouds. And he has 1 Delcatty, 1 Blaziken, and 2 Salamence. So ya I lose pretty quickly.

    Round 2: Well I start with a Wobbuffet and like no draw. So ya I lose this one pretty quickly as well =\

    Ya so I’m not really bummed about losing cause I already have my trip and that my Exploud is like, a beast.

    Well Pat ends up getting 4th, but the trip is bumped down to him ^_^ So he is going to Worlds. So I’m very happy for that reason. Congrats Pat =)

    So now for Props and Slops:

    St. Louis crew obv.
    Vince and Denise for driving me there and such =)
    Pat for winning a trip
    Andrew(m45’ son) For getting 1st in 10-
    All the other people I met
    Being on time

    The extreme amount of headaches I was getting

    And that’s it =) It was a very fun time. And I’ll see you all at Worlds.


    OOOOOOOOO YA I got a Gloom figurine, so that also made me extremly happy.
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  2. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Great job.
  3. wilhung53

    wilhung53 New Member

    I got to give you credit for designing the Exploud and Wobbuffet deck. Great job.
  4. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Hehe, I thought Patriarch was a cool Texas person? =P

    Hehe, congrats. I know Vince gave you a nice goodie for getting 1st in Swiss, as he often does.
  5. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    GJ t16 is no mean feat at all... I'll be wanting you to sign my Exploud at Worlds of course... ;) see you there..

  6. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Hey Colin, great job anyway. First in Swiss NEVER wins. Nothing you can do about bad starts. I'll see you at Worlds. =D
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    nice report colin, cool you had a good time, and the event must've been a blast! 1 month and 8 days...
  8. Magnechu

    Magnechu New Member

    GJ Colin. You know 1st in Swiss never wins, especially if you go undefeated. ;P Nice job with Exploud, it's the total pwnage. See ya at Worlds..^_^

    ~Chu :)
  9. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    Colin im really proud of ya man...congrats on 1st in the swiss. too bad ya lost in da top 16 but its ok...cant wait 2 see ya at worlds
  10. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Hey Colin, nice job of course. Thanks for letting me spend the night with ya... hopefully you won't get headaches at worlds lol >_<
  11. Mega Murkrow

    Mega Murkrow New Member


    I knew you'd moll the competition to death! I'm sorry that my hair wasn't able to cure your headaches. I did what I could. :p
  12. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    I had a lot of headaches while I was there also
    but good job on your first in Swiss
    hard to do
    too bad it ended in the first round of top 16
  13. sharky

    sharky New Member

    Why did exploud do well?
    I am curious.
    because to put it bluntly, it sux.
    What is the strategy?
  14. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    Exploud is really versatile
    and after a few of the 10 damage to all attack, ATM (Rock) will take down several pokemon

    but I agree, I don't think it is that great
  15. sharky

    sharky New Member

    why not use something like sttelix/furrett?
    It would be WAY faster and much more versatile, IMO.
    Blaze might be a problem, but it really isn't that big anymore.
  16. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    It is not that great. However, Colin was at the helm. William is also a good player as well.

    In short, rogues did so well in swiss because good players were at the helms. Despite losing to Mr. Hung, I knew exactly how to deal with his deck.

    I didn't win a trip, but I'll boast freely that I was familiar with each rogue to have made an appearance there, and appropriately handled them all. Pat and Will would definitely vouch for me. ;)

    Hope Vince gives you a 1st seed goodie, Colin
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  17. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Good job on top 16 Colin.See you at Worlds. :)
  18. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    the player matters a lot too

    William is a great player
    but too bad people like him because he's famous
    I respect him as a player more than a singer
  19. sharky

    sharky New Member

    Ya, stick to pokemon, Will.
  20. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Yay lots of replies

    Anyway too many to thank individually but thanks everyone, it was nice meeting you all.

    Also Exploud is not a deck that everyone will understand, no body liked it at the beginning. But now people are beginning to see that it really is a nice deck. Very fun to play as well.

    I'll cya all at worlds ^_^


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