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    Are there any 2 premade theme decks that, if combined (with possibly a few more tweaks), create a solid, strong deck?if so, what are they, and how should you combine them?
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    They discuss that also at the end of page 1 and a chunk of page 2. Besides, each double deck write up discusses what he considers the strengths of each deck and the cards worth salvaging. Coming up with a mix and match from there should be easy.
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    In terms of combining 2 different theme decks, Voltage Vortex and Furious Knights are a good combo as a base for Zekeels. Shadows and Raiders provide a start for Dark.dec. Personally, I've also found Fast Daze/Green Tornado and Green Tornado/Toxic Tricks to be decent combos as well.

    Voltage Vortex/Furious Knights: Zekrom + Eelektrik
    Shadows/Raiders: Zoroark + Sableye + Dark Claw
    Fast Daze/Green Tornado: Accelgor + Serperior
    Toxic Tricks/Green Tornado: Scolipede with or without Serperior
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    I think the problem you'll find with combining two different Theme Decks is that you'll end up with a combination of Pokemon evolution lines but not enough to really focus on any of them.

    For stage 2s, you'll end up with either one of the stage 2 or two of the stage 2, when it is usually best to have 3 or 4 of the main focus of the deck.

    That is why that conversation was started on combining 2 of the same theme deck, because it leaves you with a full evolution line of most of the Pokemon that come in the theme deck, just what is needed to make a starting deck with the cards.
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    Actually, playing two Shadows decks together can give you something like:
    3-3-2 Empoleon
    4-4 Zoroark
    4 Dark Patch
    4 Ultra Ball
    Which can be decent enough as a heavy hitter, just add rare candy and DCE and some of the dark tools.
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    Oh, hey, my thread came up.

    Yeah, the main problem you'll encounter with combining unlike decks are:
    1. Too many Energy types. You'd need to focus on a shared Energy type between the theme decks, or you'll run into more problems.
    2. There are way too many combinations of two theme decks. It isn't like you can just take 30 of the best cards of a single theme deck and combine two of those sets. The decks need to work together in some way.

    When starting out, a good Trainer engine and thick Pokemon lines are your best allies. Consistently being able to pull out your Pokemon (and evolve them, if need be) will generally be a greater asset than Pokemon line diversity.

    Though I could be wrong, last I checked, Dark Patch and Ultra Ball were not included in Shadows.

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