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    Team Compendium is very proud to announce our first official translation!

    Thanks to the stupendous translation work of PokeGym member and German Nationals & Worlds Judge, Glumanda, we now have a translation of our Compendium BW edition for use by German speaking players and judges. Many thanks to Glumanda for the hours of time and care (and brainstorming formats, etc. with TC) to make this happen.

    Here is how the ongoing translation process will work:

    1. TC publishes the rulings in the Compendium Updates forum on the PokeGym.
    2. Glumanda translates these and enters them in the Compendium BW German database.
    3. He then previews the finished Compendium BW document and publishes it.
    All additions and updates for the Compendium BW are tracked in the Compendium Updates logs. So, there may be a little lag between the English BW and publishing the German translation.

    Team Compendium says thanks again to Glumanda and hello to our German-speaking*Pokémon-Sammelkartenspiel Regelkompendium Schwarz und Weiß*readers, old and new!

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    I think its cool to have it Translated
  3. ninetales1234

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    "Should these two versions conflict, the English version takes precedence."
    -just me pre-empting before someone asks it.
    ^On second thought, doesn't that privilege go to PCL?

    So, when a Pokemon is said to be "Uber", what do they call it?
  4. bulbasnore

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    Would you help me by providing the specific reference for that quote?

    But, answering your question in a word, no.
    (and yes, "from a certain point of view")

    Here's the explanation for that answer:

    1. I think you mean Creatures. Does PCL still exist in some form? AFAIK it was reorganized out of existence.
    2. There is no conflict between TC vs. Creatures rulings because there are no TC rulings -- all rulings published in the Compendium BW are vetted first, individually & word for word, by TPCi. Team Compendium is not making up "stuff" and publishing it. We are writing down rulings, vetted individually by TPCi, and publishing those. If TPCi thinks there is need for clarification on a question THEY go to Creatures and then tell TC the way it is. Only then is the Q&A published.
  5. ninetales1234

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    Note to self:
    Do not make jokes on the Compendium Notices subforum.
  6. bulbasnore

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    Team Compendium thanks you for the opportunity to explain our process, which again, maybe no one will read. Still, we like getting it out there. Sorry if I missed the joke.
  7. Box of Fail

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    @ninetales1234: they call it "over" perhaps? Or "super" or "hyper," since they all take dead languages in school. :p

    Just dropping in to say that the German translation of "Heal Block" was left as "dt. Name?"

    Either (s)he couldn't find the translation, or forgot to put it into the final translation.

    The correct translation is "Heilblockade." This is likely because the Bronzong in question hasn't been translated into German. Given that the Solrock and Bronzong both have "kaifuku fūji" in Japanese and "Heal Block" in English, I think it's safe to say Bronzong has "Heilblockade."

    The new Emolga's "Bounce" has the same problem. Given a Hoppip which also has bounce (and both are "tobihaneru" in Japanese), the German translation of the attack "Bounce" is "Sprungfeder."

    Based on a Granbull with "Daunt," Beartic's "Daunt" is translated as "Entmutigen." These are both "hirumaseru" in Japanese.

    Pinsir's "Power Pinch" seems to be the first attack with that name, so the German translation can't be predicted. Same with Nuzleaf's "Surprise Punch," Jellicent's "Vengeful Wish," Vanilluxe's "Slippery Soles," or Cincinno's "Smooth Coat."

    Being a reprint, “Pokémon Center” is likely also “Pokémon Center" in German. However, since it is based on a video game landmark which is there named “Pokémon-Center,” there may or may not be a hyphen in the new card name. Most likely not, but there is a chance.

    Since “Heavy Ball” and “Skyarrow Bridge” each derive their names from things in the B/W video games, which have been translated into German, I would bet on their being “Schwerball” and “Himmelspfeilbrücke,” respectively.
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  8. Glumanda

    Glumanda Rulings Compendium Translator

    Well, as the translator, let me explain.

    Usually, I take the names from the German Cards. Sometimes however, a set has not been translated into German (like e.g. Team Rocket Returns or Hidden Legends), so that there will be no official German name (and I will not use some "unofficial" name)

    Practically always, the German set is released two to three months after the English set. All names from such a set are preliminary marked with "dt. Name?" (with the exception of Pokémon because there it is always clear) and when the set is released in German, these marks will be replaced with the official translation from the cards. Having one unique mark for all these cases makes it easier for me to find them and do not miss one. If I do preliminary translations, I run a higher risk of having mistakes and that people do not find cards, if they search for the German expression they find on the card.

    Sometimes, there have also been surprises with German translations.
    E.g. you could translate "Speed Stadium" with "Geschwindigkeitsstadium" but the translation was "Tempodrom".
    The "Lost Zone" is not the "Verlorene Zone" but "Nirgendwo" (which translates back to "Nowhere").
    The translators also did already make the mistake to translate the same card with two different names: "Warp Point" was first "Verkrümmungspunkt" but has then been translated as "Wurmloch" in later sets. So, there is no guarantee that they will use the same German expression, if the English expression is the same.

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