Contribute Judge Seminar Topics - for US Nationals and otherwise!

Discussion in 'Professor Forum' started by bulbasnore, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. bulbasnore

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    What are your thoughts on things to cover in (a basic or) an advanced judge seminar?

    It's that time again, planning for US Nationals - whether you'll be there or not, what would you like to see covered in a judging seminar for Pokémon TCG? VGC?
  2. stuckinoh08

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    Do we need to register for the seminar at all?

    That aside, I'd love to here what people are doing to "combat" the new "lax" spectating rules. I know I've run into multiple problems were parents/friends will watch on-going matches, and while they are abiding by the rules (for the most part) it serves as a headache for staff members because not only is it one more element that we have to watch for from a "cheating" aspect, but they simply get in our way, preventing us from clearing up issues quicker, thus adding to the over all time of a tournament.


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  3. Pope

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    Just a quick question,

    These seminars, are they hosted by POP, or are they a community driven thing?

    I am thinking of making a similar event for Pokemon Professors here in Australia, but don't know if one exists already or if it is something I will need to work on from scratch.


  4. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    The seminars at US Nationals and Worlds are officially approved by Pokemon Organized Play. What that means operationally is that Team Compendium and a couple other judges with lots of big event experience come up with some ideas for the topics, get them approved by POP, develop the presentation and at least run the outline by POP for approval. That is certainly something you could work on locally, and if you have concerns about whether it needs POP approval I'd run it by Dan Brandt.


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