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  1. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    This is my take on a deck which can work in the future. I'm only adding Stark Mountain because I'm not familiar with other cards soon to be here. Any help appreciated.

    3 burmy sandy cloak
    3 mothim

    4 ralts
    3 kirlia
    3 gallade
    2 gardy
    1 gardy lv.x

    2-2 claydol

    -- 23

    3 roseanne
    4 bebe's
    4 rare candy
    3 felicity
    2 tgw
    2 warp point
    3 stark mt
    2 nm

    -- 23

    8 fighting
    2 psychic
    4 multi


    STRATEGY: Burmy Poke-Power gets a Fighting Energy to Burmy, can be switched to Gallade with Stark Mountain, another Energy drop on Gallade, Mothim for Silver Wind or Free Retreat if Gallade is ready to go. Felicity gets the Fighting Energy to the Discard for Burmy to pick up. Gardy helps with setup.
  2. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    maybe instead of stark mountain you could use swampert GE.
  3. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Time for Pain, you want him to run a whole other stage 2 line WITH everything else instead of a stadium that can do the same job? Eh...I don't agree.

    Creative idea! Energy Switch could be useful too.
  4. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    All I'm saying is that swampert can do a better job of moving energy. This way the energy could also go to gardy.
  5. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Gardy would likely not see much action. I have it there for its Poke-Power. Gardy Lv.X on the other hand could see action and therefore 2 Psychic and 4 Multi.

    Swampert is a good idea but without DRE or Scramble it would be impossible to power up with my current Energy scheme.
  6. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    Why would Garde not see play? It's attack is sooo much more useful than Gallade in the long run, as it stops Claydol, Heatran, other Gardes, the elves like Uxie Mesprit and Azelf, and a lot more useful cards as well. Gallade can use it's bottom attack to maybe one shot a single Empoleon, or bigger HP Poke, what maybe once a game in the next format? Torterra is going to love to watch Gallade attempt a one shot with that little card called Shaymin coming out, putting Lvl X Tor 20HP out of reach for Gallade to one shot. Idk man, I kinda think Garde is more useful, IMO.
  7. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Good points. Probably why Magmortar will use Stark Mountain better.
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