Cradily from Megalo Cannon (brainstorm thread)

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    And I should also mention Lileep.

    Obviously, Cradily card has some huge hurdles to overcome, but you can't deny that life explosion has some serious potential (even if it's not a top tier deck). You can put any combo of stage 2s in your deck, but don't need the lines. Best of all, you control what you start with. You can make it so you're sure to start with a big EX or some kind of defensive pokemon (Sigilyph) while still playing those stage 2s.

    The biggest problem I see is the attack cost of life explosion. You need at least one grass energy to work with it. Blend only works with a few other types and prism only works on basics. I thought of a few solutions.

    The first is Mew EX. Mew not only gets around the prism energy problem, but it also saves you the hassle of retreating in and out of Cradily. And of course, copying the attacks is

    The second solution is to use stage 2s with colorless attack costs. Off the top of my head, I can think item lock Dragonite (PF), supporter lock Stoutland (BC), Seismatoad (PF) Exploud (PS) and any other Round attacker (who knows, maybe round decks will have a chance?), and I'm sure there are more I forgot about.

    Lastly, you don't have to attack with your pokemon, you can just use them for their abilities. I don't think I need to explain all the useful abilities.

    As for all out grass pokemon, the one I think should work the best is Royal Heal Serperior (BW). You can easily get 3 or 4 of these out and make your main attackers (mainly Genesect EX) near impossible to KO . Not only that, but the attack is very useful. Say you have a powered up Mew EX that's going to get knocked out next turn. You can copy leaf tornado, do some damage, and move the energy off of Mew to conserve it.

    For backup attackers, there's PF Beedrill, who benefits greatly from constant healing (60 for :grass: plus two stasis conditions). There's also PS Torterra, while mediocre on it's own, can become a tank that will need a lot to OHKO it with both damage reduction and healing from serperior.

    Those are just a few ideas. Don't know how good they'd be, but I would be surprised if someone doesn't break this card.
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    I think the upcoming supporter Caitlin will greatly help Fossil Pokemon.

    However... it's notable that you'd need quite a few Pokemon in this deck. 3-3 or 4-4 Cradily doesn't offer any basics. You'll probably run 2 or 3 even of any crucial Stage 2s.
    That means up to 15 or so cards sans basics. While some have good abilities, like Venusaur or Togekiss, they can still get KOed.
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  3. Juniper/ultra ball/computer search and then the ability would probably be more consistant for fossils and then you dont have to use your supporter to put them back.

    Also I feel the deck would work better as a toolbox, with 1 copy of each stage 2, maybe 2 of some. And would have to be able to go from 1 cradily attack.

    So 1-2 virizion ex to set up energy on cradily,

    cradily out, for 4-5 stage 2s, tool box your way to victory

    because having to cradily twice would put you in a bad spot.
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    One idea I have is the leafanny that gives your pokemon no weakness, then vileplume with 4x weakness to ur opponent, then run the mew with blends and prisms to start the ko process
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    In my personal opinion the best stage 2s we have right now that would work with Cradily would be this:

    Torterra (plasma) - With Energy Switching cards to move from Cradily, not to mention Colress Machine this can be a surprisingly effective attacker.

    Gallade - Another attacker, Gallade can abuse the Energy brought on by the would-be Virizion EX. Plus it can use any Energy.

    Crobat (Plasma) - use one or two of these for a bit of draw support.

    This I think is the most effective use of Cradily's Life Explosion.
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    Getting many ability Serperior with Virizion EX as the primary attacker seems like an interesting use of Life Explosion.
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    Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Gardevoir and Cresellia EX as your starting basic. Play zero Solosis/Ralts/Gothita so you never have the chance of starting with them and getting donked, Couple of Keldeos and float stones, maybe a Mr. Mime and you're good to go. Possibly a Leavanny.
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