Cradily's Lifesplosion (thoughts and strategy)

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  1. SodierAk47

    SodierAk47 New Member

    When i first saw cradily from plasma blast i though is was going to be a very good pokemon with its lifesplosion attack for each grass energy attached you get to place a stage 2 pokemon on your bench. This is very good indeed but since lileep is a restore pokemon it takes time to get Cradily set up

    Strategy for a deck:

    1: Everyone knows you can't play Cradily by its own because Lileep is a restore pokemon..
    So your going to have to find a good basic to start with.

    2: It will always take 3 turns to get your stage 2's on your bench with Cradily
    reason why
    1st turn u will start with a basic and if you get lucky u get lileep on the bench
    2nd turn evolve Lileep on the bench attach a grass energy put Cradily on the active
    spot and do lifesplosion which will end your turn.
    3rd turn u can finally start attaching energy to your stage 2. Hopefully by this turn it
    is not to late and your opponent is already set up on you KOing ur pokemon.

    So if anyone has deck ideas for Cradily plz post i really want to do a deck with it.

    My idea was i haven't test it and its just for fun Wezzing/Cradily/Dusknoir Spread damage with Weezing from plasma storm and get Dusknoir out with Cradily's lifesplosion attack to move opponents dmg around. Use Weezing's ability called Aftermath When this Pokemon is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, discard the top 3 cards of your opponent's deck hopefully to disrupt opponent
  2. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    You are correct. It is not worth the trouble to play this pokemon. By the time you get a lifesplosion out your opponent is already set up. I tired to make this work and gave up on it.
  3. Fox_Master51

    Fox_Master51 New Member

    I have no problems running Cradily. Victini EX is your prime starter; gets you set up real quick.

    I've been running Plasmatross with Emboar and Dusknoir. It's so fun to play and I've only lost to Blastoise and Haxorus so far. However I've been thinking of changing to a Hydreigon NV variant (yes it's still legal). The spread is too high to pass up.

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    I have no problems running Cradily. Victini EX is your prime starter; gets you set up real quick.

    I've been running Plasmatross with Emboar and Dusknoir. It's so fun to play and I've only lost to Blastoise and Haxorus so far. However I've been thinking of changing to a Hydreigon NV variant (yes it's still legal). The spread is too high to pass up.
  4. NachyoChez

    NachyoChez New Member

    I've got a cradilly deck I'm toying with, and I love it!

    Victini is, realistically, the only viable starter. Needing only 1 energy to attack means you're fully powered a turn sooner than Virizion would have given you, and that turn matters so much.

    For stage 2s, you need a line that can be powered up the first turn they're active, and synergize ridiculously well together; you've lost 2 turns getting them out and need to make it up quickly. Personally, I like Gardevoir and Chandelure since they blend and have inherent bonuses to aid setup, but if you ask 3 people they'll have 5 strategies for Cradilly.

    The things I've found are this: Consistency is an issue. If you miss the first turn, you've probably lost.
    You are playing at a disadvantage. You'll likely need 2 or more restarts to get a Victini EX in hand, and that means more cards in the opponent's starting hand.
    Prizes can hurt. Memorize the deck you use, backwards and forwards. On the first search card, you need to know how many of everything you have left, or you'll end up wasting precious resources to fetch a card you can't get anyway!

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  5. SodierAk47

    SodierAk47 New Member

    the Hydreigon NV is still legal it was reprinted in Next Destinies
    but how would you make this work.
    Hydreigon does 60 to the active and 40 to 2 of your opponents bench pokemon
    Hydreigon also has a cool ability which turn all energies attach to it into dark but he needs 4 dark to attack
  6. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    For those claiming they make this card work, are we talking a "functional" deck or a "competitive" deck.

    The math for the card just doesn't work; Lileep are hard to get into play as you are either relying on "luck" or card intensive strategies. Opening with Victini EX doesn't instill much confidence either. Doesn't mean I am going to be all "Wah wah this card is bad!" for those discussing it; I'd be happy to help it run the best it can (even if that is unlikely to win a tournament): fun is fun.

    So explaining more of how existing decks run would be a good start. I'll be honest, I was leaning towards Virizion EX as my main "opener", as it is still useful as a Bench-sitter later.
  7. rileysill32

    rileysill32 New Member

    The only problem I see with the deck is that there is no way to set up energy wise after you have a cradily up as your active and ready to use it's lifesplosion.
    For a perfect start you get a turn 1 turbo energize from a victini ex. attach 2 to a lileep on the bench. turn 2 you get a cradily out with 3 energies attached (counting your turn 2 energy attachment). So that would be 3 energies. And that is probably the only lifesplosion you get off. maybe you get a 2nd but by then on your opponents turn 3 most meta decks are swinging for 100+ and have steady energy acceleration.
    So then say you get a lifesplosion off:
    You search out, (emboar or blastoise), and 2 attackers. I can't seem to find anything that makes this as consistent as we would like. Because after your opponent has KO'd the first 2 attackers you would then need to get more stage 2's out meaning you would take another turn to get set up. so essentially you are having to set your deck up 2 times or in some cases possibly 3 at most.
    I guess the "upside" to that argument would be that you can afford to set up lifesplosions because you are using 2 for 1 prize exchanges against your opponents ex's.
  8. ArcticPhoenix46

    ArcticPhoenix46 New Member

    I ran a cradily deck with emboar and vanniluxe. With fire energy and a few grass. It gave me 3 different weaknesses i could exploit and after you get the emboar out you almost always won against any rogue deck (not blastoise or tdk or a good plasma deck. I found that it was workable but quite inconsistent
  9. inmanjm

    inmanjm New Member

    Yeah I made a cradily/vileplume deck, stuck in a leavanny to keep my own guys up a little longer, and found various types of stage 2s with very low cost attacks. (I think all of them only needed 1 energy to attack.) I got a few wins at league out of it, but it's not going anywhere with the speed of today's meta.
  10. Pell

    Pell New Member

    My friend's been running Cradily/Nidoqueen/Nidoking. I like the idea, I kinda wanna fix it up a bit and try testing it.
  11. treyh37

    treyh37 Member

    the speed of the meta is the cards biggest drawback as people have said. still blastoise/kingdra/eelektross is an interesting combo. blastoise to get water on your poke, eelektross discards most of it to do dam, kingdra then used to put the energy back into your deck. it justs need some decent draw/search to get the energy back, and since blastoise/keldeo is a decent deck atm cradily/kingdra/eelektross could be a tech for it.
  12. rileysill32

    rileysill32 New Member

    IF anybody was going to do anything of the sort, why not just run Keldeo/Blastoise/Kingdra and just load energies on keldeo to 1 hit everything, then when a keldeo get's ko'd you send in kingdra to replenish. and if we are going to go that route, why waste all the energies on keldeo and then slow down the deck with 2-3 stage 2's and just run blastoise/keldeo/black kyurem to 1 hit everything? Hahahaha... big basic metas are rarely the most fun metas. it always go back to what's fastest and most efficient.
  13. SodierAk47

    SodierAk47 New Member

    what basic pokemon is your friend running to start with.
  14. inmanjm

    inmanjm New Member

    I've also run Cradily/Nido-folk; I used a single PLF 98 Torndaus EX as my only basic in the deck. I liked having Windfall for when I needed a hand refresh, it helped me add more fossil-retrievers and fewer supporters, which made it a tad easier to get setup, but the deck really likes having all four Queens out. With a starting basic and Cradily, you only have 4 spots left, so I'd probably put in Scoop Up Cylcone if I were to rebuild the deck.

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