Crappy day at Claymont...

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Pokeric, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Pretty much get there early and trade for the cards I need. I can't get the Uxie Lv. X though so I replace it for a TM TS-2 and the rounds begin.

    R1 vs. Machamp

    I got first with a lone Cresselia start and he has a Machop start so I know I'm done for O_O. However I top deck the Horsea and get the T3 2 Kingdras and Claydol and run right through him.


    R2 vs. Tyranitar

    We stay neck and neck the whole game and end up at 1-1. I misplay to miss the game by 10 HP ftl.


    R3 vs. Regigigas (crap...)

    Mesprit lock sucks and I get a bad start but take it down to 1-1. I can't keep up late game though and he just kills me.


    R4 vs. Regigigas (crap...again)

    So I got paired up but get the T1 Kingdra nad stuff looks like it's going my way until he Restructures my Claydol to KO and then Mesprit locks me 3 turns in a row and discards 2 of my Kingdras and 2 Rare Candies. I really can't recover from that but I still take it down to 0-1


    So that's about it I don't really feel like writing a detailed report right now. Anyways...

    Selling some cards
    Free inflatable Poke Ball
    People lending me cards
    Arby's has MAD good subs

    No Uxie Lv. X
    Bad coin flips
    Bad draws
    Being paired up against Gigias

    And I guess I'll post my list since I'm not using it anymore

    4-1-4 Kingdra
    1-1 Claydol
    1-1 Cresselia Lv. X
    3 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    1 Unown G
    1 Unown Q

    4 Roseanne's Research
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Poke Drawer +
    4 Poke Ball
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Warp Point
    3 PlusPower
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Speed Stadium
    1 TM TS-2

    11 :water:

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