Creat your most broken card ever.

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by Da Master, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Da Master

    Da Master New Member

    Here is the place to make the most completly unfair cards you've always dreamed of.

    Groudon:fighting: HP 250

    :pbody: Body on fire
    Every time your opponent attacks Groudon the attacking Pokemon takes 100 damage

    :fire::fire::fighting::fighting:Flaming Earth 200
    This attack does 100 damage to all of your opponents Pokemon

    Retreat Cost:

    Thats just about as broken as it gets. Groudon with zero retreat cost.
  2. Qwachansey

    Qwachansey Active Member

    Chansey [C] 700 HP
    Basic Pokemon LV. 113

    Poke - POWER Lucky Egg
    As long as Chansey is your Active Pokemon, draw 1 Prize Card between turns.

    Poke - BODY Immunity
    Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Chansey by your opponent's Pokemon with under 400 HP.

    [C] Ultimate Eggsplosion 200
    This attack does 200 damage to all of your opponent's Pokemon. If less then 400 damage is distributed this way, win the game.

    [C][C] Chansey Powers
    Win the game

    Resistance: [R][F][L][G][W][P][C][D][M] - 300
    Reteat Cost:

    CHANSEY is a Pokemon known for its extraordinary powers.
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  3. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    Slowpoke 50hp

    Pokebody: This card cannot be affected by any poke power, pokebody, attack, of special condition b

    [W] Slowpoke Tail

    Remove all damage counters from all your pokemon

    [W][W] reward 50

    draw a prize card

    W- none
    R- none
    R- none
  4. espeon1

    espeon1 New Member


    Espeon [Great Pokemon] 140 HP

    :pokePower: Evolution Power
    Once during your turn when you play Espeon to evolve one of your pokemon, you may use this power. During the turn you used this power any of your pokemon that evolve from Eevee's attacks do 50 more damage to the Defending Pokemon.

    :psychic: :psychic: Destructive Light 70
    Remove damage counters from Espeon equal to the amount of damage done to the Defending Pokemon.

    [W] :psychic: x2
    [R] None
    Retreat: 0

    Not really a broken card but it seems like it could do some bad things with the power.
  5. OllieK

    OllieK New Member


    slowpoke 500Hp

    Pokepower- place 10 damage counters on each of your opponents pokemon in between turns. If that pokemon is evolved, knock it out.

    [W] Super poke 300

    draw 3 prize cards

    W- none
    R- Everything - infinity
    R- none
  6. espeon1

    espeon1 New Member

    Just so you know OllieK, turn 1 I have an unown G active and a machop on the bench. you go and use your super poke, my turn I candy to machamp attach and Take Out FTW!!!! :lol:
  7. Da Master

    Da Master New Member

    That's crazy awesome. "Win the game."
  8. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Scizor (M) 100 HP

    Poke-Power: Metal Coat
    Scizor is immune to all damage and effects of attacks

    (M) Metal Claw 100

    (M) Flash Cannon 500

    W: N R: All RC: 0
  9. renfield89

    renfield89 New Member

    Great Arceus - 30 HP

    <You can have as many copies of this card in your deck as you want>

    PokeBody: Lucky
    If you start with Great Arceus as your active Pokemon at the beginning of the game, you win. In addition, by complying to play the game of Pokemon with you and knowing full well that Great Arceus is a legal card, your opponent must now submit the contents of his wallet and his girlfriend over to your possession. To ensure your opponent knows this card is legal, keep a copy outside as a reference and introduce it to your opponent prior to the match.
    If your opponent also started with Great Arceus, see if there are any scratches on his or her cards in play. If so, call over a judge and see if you can issue them a game-loss.
    If no scratches can be found, call over a judge and have them compare your decklists. The player with fewer Great Arceus in their deck wins.
    If both players have equal number of Great Arceus in their deck, then the game is a draw, and you must trade your total-season rankings points without your opponent since you are both poor sports for playing the same deck.

    (.) Carelessness
    This attack does nothing. If you haven't already won, your opponent probably has, and you therefore don't deserve to win.

    Weakness: Not staring with this card.
    Resistance: -
    Retreat Cost: 1

  10. p i k a c h u

    p i k a c h u New Member

    well the most broke card i have ever thought of or made is

    Salamence G LV.X hp140:colorless

    sp pokemon

    :ppowr:Dragon Dance
    Once in between turns remove 1 damage counter from all your Pokemon.

    :pbody:Dragon Wing Wind Blast
    Once during your turn only,put one Benched Pokemon and all cards attached to it to the top of the owners deck.

    :pbody:Dragon Claw
    Once during your turn only you can discard 2 Energys from your hand and choose 1 pokemon and do 250 damage to that pokemon

    weakness- resistance-:colorless:fire::water: retreat cost-
    Salamence G hp100:colorless

    sp pokemon

    :fire::water: Draco Meter 80

    weakness- resistance-:colorless:fire::water: retreat cost-
  11. Da Master

    Da Master New Member

    Marvelous! This has to be the best (and funniest) one yet!
  12. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member



    flip a coin, if heads you win, if tails your opponent loses.

    i think i win
  13. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    hay that was my idea D:
    but still lol
  14. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    I've seen threads like this that deal specifically in extremely broken cards be locked because "there's nothing funny about extremely broken cards"...
  15. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    This. But while it's open, and I have 30 seconds of my life to waste,

    Magicarp (Star) - 30 HP :water:

    :pbody: Shining Scale. Magikarp (star)'s total HP is 30 plus 10 times the number of damage counters on Magikarp (star). If an effect of an attack, Poké-Power, Poké-Body, Trainer card, Supporter card, or Stadium card would shut off Shining Scale, that effect does nothing.

    :colorless Scale Splash (10)

    Weakness: :lightning x2
    Resistance: :fire: -30
    Retreat Cost: :colorless

    Woo, or something. :nonono:
  16. Cardz5000

    Cardz5000 New Member

    Ninjask 4 (SP, Koga)
    type: (G)
    Weakness: Pirates
    Resistance: everything else
    Retreat cost: Ninjas don't retreat

    Poké-power - Sneaky sneaky
    If Ninjask 4 is in your deck you may search your deck for Ninjask 4 and place it on your bench.

    (.) - Cut - 100
    Cut your opponent's deck... in half... With a knife...
  17. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    Napoleon's Defiance

    You start the game with this card in your hand.

    You may play this card on your first turn.

    At any time during the game, you may play Napoleon's Defiance. Give this card to your opponent to choose an effect.

    Your opponent chooses one of these effects which they MUST do:

    Draw 5 prize cards.
    Discard your hand. Search your deck and pick out as many cards as you like and put them into your hand.
    Your active Pokemon gains one of these effects:
    +100 HP
    +100 damage
    Resistance -50 to all types.

    If you are playing against Napoleon, give him your deck. NOW. Now go tell the judge that you have decided to quit Pokemon forever and that you are giving all of your cards to Napoleon. NOW. If you don't do this, Napoleon reserves the right to murder you with hs sword.
    If you are not playing against Napoleon, well, tough luck for you. You cannot draw cards for the rest of the game. This includes the effects of Supporters, Poke-powers, Poke-bodies and Trainers.

    Napoleon's Fury

    If your opponent plays Napoleon's Defiance you automatically play this card. It does not matter if it is discarded, or in your deck or whatever. You play it. Napoleon says.

    You have the right to tell your opponent that Elmo is coming. Elmo's gonna take his deck. Elmo knows where he lives. Elmo's gonna come. Elmo will haunt his dreams forever.
    "But WHY????" Your opponent screams!
    You must now say to him/her ,"It says on this card that you can't spell Elmo without Emo!"

    Oh, by the way, did I mention you win the game?
  18. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Miltank 1000 HP

    Udderly Ridiculous :pbody: As long as Miltank is in play your opponent's Pokemon take 100 damage between turns.

    :colorless Udder Domination
    This attack does 200 damage to all of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.

    Weakness: :fighting:x2 Resistance: :fire::grass::water::psychic::lightning:colorless:dark::metal: Retreat Cost:
  19. shanagains gooods
    search ur deck for 5 basic pokemon
    then seach for thier stage 1 eveo, them
    then search for thier stage 2 eveo them again.
    if any of those stage has a pokemon lvx level it up even if on ur bench.
    search ur deck for any engery. put them on ur pokemon anyway u like.

    ur oppenenit draw prize untik he or she had 1 prize left.
    your attack does 100 damage + 100 for every prize ur oppenit had taken.
    also the attack hit every pokemon in play.
    the game end in a draw.

    lol yes sudden victory lol
  20. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    so long as everyone keeps things within reason and it doesn't spread boardwide or spam the entirety I see no reason to intervene... These kind of threads will usually die out on their own when people get sick of making OP cards.

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