Creat your most broken card ever.

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  1. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Winning Arceus - :colorless:fire::grass::water::fighting::lightning:psychic::dark::metal: - 80HP
    [Insert picture of Arceus giving you the finger]
    Arceus Rule....

    PokeBody: Only I can do anything
    Only Winning Arceus can use Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodys

    PokeBody: Sableye, but better
    Winning Arceus goes first, no exceptions

    [.] Total kill
    If your opponent has at least one Pokemon in play, this attack does 1000 damage to each Pokemon. This damage cannot be prevented in any way (weakness DOES apply to bench Pokemon)

    Weakness -
    Resistance - :colorless:fire::grass::water::fighting::lightning:psychic::dark::metal:-1000
    Retreat -
  2. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    GeChamp 120 HP :psychic::fighting:

    :ppowr: Broken Death Curse

    If this Pokemon is knocked out, flip a coin. If heads, all of your opponent's Pokemon are knocked out.

    Cheapness :fighting: If the Defending Pokemon is a Basic, then knock it out

    Super Cheapness :psychic: Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon that has a PokePower. Knock it out.

    If All Else Fails :fighting::psychic: Flip some coins. Regardless of the result, knock out the Defending Pokemon.
  3. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral New Member

    Jesus - ∞ HP

    If you have Jesus anywhere near a Pokemon match, you win.

    Weakness: Judas
    Resistance: Sin
    Retreat: 0
  4. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    Noob Stadium

    Flip a coin, if tails, draw 6 prizes and you get all cards that your opponent owns. If heads, you win the tournament.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Quoted for truth and win!
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  5. FlareonMaster

    FlareonMaster New Member

    Here is mine...

    Flareon (Great Pokemon) Lv. 73 HP 200

    Poke-Power: Laugh Hard: You can choose to own all of your opponents Cards if you win the battle (doesn't have to be before or after you attack, whenever you like as long as you faced them and won)

    Poke-Body: Fire Stream: You ignore all of your opponents Resistance

    Poke-Body: Ignoring: Ignore Dialga G Lv.X and Unown G Cards or anything like them

    Laugh Attack:
    :fire: If your opponent is a Water, Fire, Lightning, Grass, Metal, Dark, Fighting, Psychic or Colorless type Pokemon. You take 6 Prize Cards. If it is a Basic, you win the game, if it is an evolution or Level-Up, you take all Prize Cards.

    Fire Vapor
    :fire::fire: If the defending Pokemon is Water type or has the use of any Water (Energy for Attacking, Weakness or Resistance) You automatically win the next 50 games you play against anyone. (including OP Tournaments)


    (Rainbow) -200


    Now how is that for an ultimate Card? LOL
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  6. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    LuxApe - :fire::lightning - ∞HP
    Pokemon SP

    :ppowr: I choose you!
    Choose 1 of your opponents Benched Pokemon, switch it with the Defending Pokemon, search your deck for anything that deals 10 damage to the new Defending Pokemon and Knock Out the Defending Pokemon.

    :ppowr: Does it matter?
    Your opponent switches the Defending Pokemon, then you search your deck and discard pile for PokeTurn, Super Scoop Up and Mr Briney's Compassion and put those in your hand. The Defending Pokemon get's 100 damage but is KO'd regardless of remaining HP.

    Weakness: None cuz I'm faster and cheaper then you.
    Resistance: Doesn't matter. MUHAHAHA
    Retreat: 00000000000000000000ZERO000000000000
  7. milotic101

    milotic101 New Member

    Leafeon grass type hp 205 stage 3

    poke body leaf convertment

    every card in you hand can be treated as an energy of your choise which applys to END BLAST
    poke body leaf healing poison

    whenever you attach an energy to any of your pokemon you heal 50 damage from all your pokeman and do 100 to all your opponents pokemon

    plus plus plus pokepower you may attach 3 extra energy to your pokemon you still use the effect of leaf healing poison

    (.) END BLAST
    does 100 times the number of energy in play oh apply the same affect to your opponents bench pokemon as well

    weakness fire +10
    resistance water-30
    retreat cost non
  8. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    Shuckle Lv.2 HP 10

    Pokebody - Lulling Juice: If Shuckle is your Active Pokemon at the beginning of the game, you go first regardless of the coin flip or other bodies on the Defending Pokemon. If the Defending Pokemon also has a Lulling Juice Pokebody, you both win anyway so who cares who goes first?

    [0] Shuckle is Win
    Draw up to 6 Prize Cards. If the Defending Pokemon is a Shuckle, your opponent may draw up to 6 Prize Cards.

    Weakness -
    Resistance -
    Retreat -
  9. p i k a c h u

    p i k a c h u New Member

    Ok so I noticed in the Threads title he/she spelt create wrong and spelt it like,creat so it annoyed me.That is all:)
  10. Xuii2-the-cleric

    Xuii2-the-cleric New Member

    Chuck Norris 9999999990 hp

    Chuck Norris can not be knocked out

    Round House kick ()(black)

    all pokemon on the field except Chuck Norris are knocked out

    r all
  11. emodicer

    emodicer <a href="

    Wobbuffet G LV. 99 :psychic:
    150 HP
    Basic Pokemon SP

    :pbody: U R Fail
    All Basic Pokemon in play (excluding any Wobbuffet G) can't use any Poke-Bodies.

    :pbody: For the Win
    If Wobbuffet G is your Active Pokemon during the beginning of the game, you go first.

    (0) GG
    Show your hand to your opponent. This attack does 30 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon for each card in your hand (Apply Weakness for Benched Pokemon).

    Weakness: None
    Resistance: :psychic: -150
    Retreat Cost: None
    Rarity: So rare that I'm the only one that has it.
  12. Uber Card Basic 55HP
    You can have as many of this card in your deck as you like!
    PokePower BeatUp Teh nOObs
    As often as you like during your turn, you may beat the crap out of your opponent!
    PokeBody You can't Win
    As long as this pokemon is in play, your opponent can not win, ever, not with any trainer supporters, stadiums, pokemon powers, attacks or anything else.
    # Beat Up Teh Judge!
    Find the head judge of the tournament and beat the crap out of him
  13. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Break The Rules - Stadium

    Each player may break the rules as often as he or she likes during his or her turn before his or her attack.
  14. pmg24

    pmg24 New Member

    heres one

    Magikarp 9999HP

    [None] Splash Kill 1,000,000

    Retreat Cost:
  15. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    Screw the Rules, I Have Money!
    Trainer Card
    You may bribe the judge into letting you cheat any number of times during this game.

    Screw the Money I Have Rules!
    Trainer Card
    You may act as the judge for this current match.
  16. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    All right, I am finally finished laughing over all the cards in this thread especially Arceus.

    Garchomp A
    100 HP

    Poke-Body: Extremespeed
    If this card is your active Pokemon at the start of the game, you go first. If your opponent's active Pokemon at the start of the game is Sableye, say "No way buddy" or something similar. Your opponent must then search his or her deck for another basic Pokemon and switch it with Sableye. If your opponent refuses, draw prize cards until you have 0 prize cards left. Before doing these actions, prevent all Poke-bodies on your opponent's Pokemon before they begin to take effect.

    (.) AARON POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does 700 damage to 3 of your opponent's Pokemon. Put 57 damage counters on 3 of your opponent's Pokemon. Draw 89 prize cards. Discard 47 cards off the top of your opponent's deck. Discard 34 cards from their hand without looking. If you knocked out any Gengars, you may stick your nose in the air, tell your opponent that he can't flip for fainting spell because Garchomp is too awesome, and call a judge over and tell him to give your opponent a game loss. If you can't perform all of these actions, who cares? You've already won.

    Weakness: None
    Resistance: None
    Retreat Cost: None
  17. Porygon-X

    Porygon-X New Member

    Porygon-X , HP 150.

    Stage two, evolves from Porygon2.

    :ppowr: Uber-ness

    Once a turn, before you attack, you may draw up to 60 cards from your deck.

    :pbody: Error

    You may or may not draw a card at the beginning of your turn.

    :colorless:colorless:colorless "Super Computer Blast"

    The defending Pokemon is now knocked out. Your opponent also takes a prize card. You may shuffle you hand into your deck.

    :fire::grass::water::fighting::lightning:psychic::colorless:dark::metal: "X Blast" 200

    You draw an extra prize card, and your opponent puts the top 20 cards of their deck face down as their prize cards.
  18. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    haha, love it :lol:

    is it still being made? or did the itunes podcast just die off?
  19. FlareonMaster

    FlareonMaster New Member

    Here is another one of my broken cards on this thread... LOL.....

    Goods Card

    FlareonMaster Says:
    If you play this card, you win, your opponent loses, you keep their cards, if you choose not to keep their cards then you win every game after this, even if you lose normally. If you choose to take their cards, then you win every game after that, even if you lose normally, but this time, you get to keep their cards. If you sell their cards, you earn money, if you keep them, you earn cards.

    You can use as many Goods Cards as you want per turn. This particular card though can only be used by FlareonMaster and when being used by FlareonMaster, you can have 60 of this card in your deck and this is OP Tournament legal for only FlareonMaster.

    LOL, this is better than my Flareon Great Card IMO! LOL
  20. poke_homie

    poke_homie New Member

    you win


    you win rule
    you can have as many copies of this card in you deck as you want.

    you win rule
    once you draw this card you play it from your hand even during setup and you dont have any pokemon

    when you play this card draw 6 prize cards. then proceed to mock them and take all there pokemon cards. if your opponent and you play this card at the same time you must ufc fight where ever you are and the winner is declared the winner of the match although the true winners are the witnesses.

    the most broken card i could think of just off the top of my head

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