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Discussion in 'Pokémon News' started by TheDarkTwins, Apr 21, 2008.

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  2. AnimeDDR110

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  3. bullados

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    Cresselia just became a MUCH better Gardy TecH.
  4. Prime

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    What's so good about it?
  5. rhodesia123

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    q.f.t. no one uses absol HP. no one will use this card.
  6. Ho Megas Alexandros

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    Forsight allows you to Look at the top five cards of either player's deck and put them back on top of that players deck in any order.

    In order to properly "Forsight Lock" an opponent, one of your Pokemon must know this attack.
  7. Diaz

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    Are you kidding me???

    The lvl x is already crazy good. Now the basic has a good one energy attack? Its soo good!
  8. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    I think everyone forgot about Absol HP
    SO many under-looked cards in this format =[
  9. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    hmmmmm..... I don't think this is nessary. I mean the GE one is way better.
  10. JandPDS

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    Ture I won at least two games at regionals thanks to cressilia/x, I do not think I will be swapping out my GE cressilias for this new one.
  11. ColdFire64

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    wow, and i thought we already had enough cresselia cards as it is, but to see them released in back to back sets is pretty odd and rare, IMO... it may be an OK card, but I think foresight locking would drag the game out for too long. I'm all about speed and using Absol as a starter to lock my opponent out of cards/trainers is a better strat and hurts the opponent more, IMO...
  12. The Gorn

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  13. BJJ763

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    SOrry everybody but i can't seem to get the picture to resize so you can see it. Have to wait until someone comes along that knows what they are doing.
  14. Croatian_Nidoking

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    Gorgeous art, but I'm not sure how much play it'll see. Foresight might be helpful if you start the game with it - not to disrupt your opponent, but to help you get set up. Cresselia Lvl. X has seen some play recently (G&G variants, Arithmetic), so I wouldn't be surprised if someone will experiment with it.

    1/100 in MD will probably be Articuno, if trends in past sets are any indication.

    - Croatian "moon over MD" Nidoking
  15. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    i think they are making these new cards TO GOOD... idk... i think its just getting a little out of hand with all these new "super" cards..just my .02
  16. PokePop

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    Maybe we'll leave it small with a link, for those that don't want the set "spoiled".
  17. Vile

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    Hey thanks PokePop! nice to know not everyone thinks my art spoiler hate is crazy :p Um... the Cresselia is ok, depends on how your deck runs I guess. I used Absol HP (same 1st attack) when D/P first came out, it worked quite well. If your opponant is obviously having a hard time setting up with a bad start, use it on them, if you got a bad start, use it on yourself... it's an attack you can use to suit the situation.
  18. garchompx12

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    better than GE i would much rather look at the top 5 of either players deck and rearrange them than do 10
  19. Magic_Umbreon

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    The birds must be holos now. Otherwise, Bronzong is #1, Dusknoir and Chatot rares and the space filled by Moltres must be something like Luxray (between Leafeon and Phione). So much disruption compared to the birds as holos; Jason had it right.

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