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  1. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    Hey All,

    I was looking through all the scans and found two cards that stuck out, Crobat and Toxicroak I thought this card could be pottentially dangerous so I decided to make a deck I have tested it and it seems a bit too slow but anyway heres the List


    4 Zubat (MT)
    2 Golbat (MT)
    4 Crobat (MT)
    3 Croagunk (MD)
    3 Toxicroak (MT)
    2 Aerodactyl (MD)
    1 Mareep (SW)
    1 Ampharos (SW)
    2 Kabuto (MD)
    2 Kabutops (MD)
    1 Shuckle

    5 Psychic
    2 Fighting
    2 Cyclone
    2 DRE
    2 Multi


    2 Team Galactics Mars
    1 Team Glactics Wager
    2 Old Amber
    2 Dome Fossil
    1 Fossil Exavator
    2 Roseannes Research
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Swich
    1 Pluspower
    2 Felicity's Drawing
    4 Celio's Network

    Okay, The Concept is to evolve into crobat and to poison for 2 instead of 1 between turns and us Toxicroak from proventing it from going away by changing it's evolotution. Kabutops is there to stop cards like Swich and warp point and Aerodactyl is there to make your opponent think twice about using a power on that card I.e Glacion Lv.x's. Ampharos is there to hinder your opponents setup and causing more damge to that pokemon. Cyclone is there to bring out the pokemon with no energy attached to just pick away at. You can tech 1-1 Dusknoir to make a better choice for cyclone or 1-1 Alakazam to block out powers completely. When I play with this deck retreating is somthing that can be prevented via Shuckle but it's hard to get out and I find it's pointless to play late game or as an opener. I have some matchups but there not NECCICARELY accurate.

    GG- 50-50

    You have the advantage because of weakness but this is still a hard matchup as they have tons of HP and take a while to bring down I have won once or twice but gennerally it sets up faster so...

    Magmortar- 40-60

    They have that ANNOYING powere which means that they also take ages to kill Magmortar LV.X hits this deck hard as you gennerally have an areodactyl or others lying around waiting to die..Because this deck struggles on gitting massive damge in one shot Mag generally beats this deck

    Quicktune- 55-45

    They have fast setup but I find that Kricitunes are so easy to kill with this deck, they mays sometimes get good starts but this deck does win against thsi deck

    There are others but i'll ahve to update

    Comments please (usefull comments please) not like -2 of somthing +2 of somthing cus TBH i don't think it helps no negative comments please because this deck was made from scratch and I admit myself it need BIG improvements


    Last edited: May 20, 2008
  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    2-2 claydol becuase u need more speed.
  3. Riq

    Riq New Member

    u need WEEZING
  4. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    I should add claydol, but what should I take out?

    Errrmm,what does Weezing do?
  5. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

  6. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    okay 2-2 Claydol
    2-2 Weezing


  7. charchar

    charchar New Member

    well, u have 8 zubats so theres a start.
  8. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    LOL iv'e change it
  9. charchar

    charchar New Member

    take switch for warp poiint becuase warp points win u games. also take out mars because it only lets u draw 2 card and u might think it messes up the opponent but it helps them. u see then they cosmic power for less cards to draw more. u already have felics drawing but u should run POV becuase u dont want to discard and POV helps cosmic power. also celios for bebes. also take out mareep and ampharos line. your depending on rare cany to much. thats a start to help u.
  10. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    lol thnk u VERY much but I don't think that this deck needs 29 pokemon!!!!!! Which pokemon should I take out??

  11. charchar

    charchar New Member

    i said that u should take out and not add. youre focusing on way to many things. take out shuckle and thats 26.
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