D&P, Hieghts of Elegance/Depths of Madness

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  1. Shino Bug Master

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    Cards in red are done. I'll be doing the whole set and listing the post number of each card. Please comment on the cards, and fell free to put in ideas for Trainers, supporters, Stadiums and Energy. I'll also accept a Lv.X or two.

    1- Arcanine
    2- Banette
    3- Crobat
    4- Froslass
    5- Honchkrow
    6- Houndoom
    7- Jumpluff
    8- Ludicolo
    9- Roserade
    10- Sableye
    11- Seviper
    12- Scizor
    13- Tentacruel
    14- Wigglytuff
    15- Zangoose
    16- Articuno
    17- Altaria
    18- Ambipom
    19- Blissey
    20- Blastoise
    21- Celebi
    22- Charizard
    23- Claydol
    24- Drapion
    25- Garchomp
    26- Girafarig
    27- Glalie
    28- Jynx
    29- Kricketune
    30- Mawile
    31- Mothim
    32- Milotic
    33- Moltres
    34- Mr. Mime
    35- Pinsir
    36- Quilfish
    37- Raticate
    38- Rotom
    39- Weavile
    40- Wormadam Plant
    41- Wormadam Sand
    42- Wormadam Trash
    43- Venasaur
    44- Xatu
    45- Zapdos
    46- Ariados
    47- Carnivine
    48- Charmeleon
    49- Chansey
    50- Delibird
    51- Gabite
    52- Golbat
    53- Growlithe
    54- Heracross
    55- Ivysaur
    56- Lombre
    57- Noctowl
    58- Mantine
    59- Masquerain
    60- Roselia
    61- Scyther
    62- Skiploom
    63- Torkoal
    64- Wartortle
    65- Aipom
    66- Baltoy
    67- Bulbasaur
    68- Budew
    69- Burmy Plant
    70- Brumy Sand
    71- Burmy Trash
    72- Charmander
    73- Feebas
    74- Gible
    75- Happiny
    76- Hoothoot
    77- Houndour
    78- Hoppip
    79- Jigglypuff
    80- Kricketot
    81- Lotad
    82- Mantyke
    83- Mime Jr.
    84- Murkrow
    85- Natu
    86- Rattata
    87- Shuppet
    88- Skourpi
    89- Smoochum
    90- Sneasel
    91- Snorunt
    92- Spinarak
    93- Squirtle
    94- Swablu
    95- Surskit
    96- Tentacruel
    97- Zubat
    98- Artifact Hunter’s Obsession Post 3
    99- Cyrus’ Scheme
    100- Gardenia’s Deal
    101- Ivy’s Return
    102- Sailor’s labor
    103- Big Crown
    104- Cloning Collar
    105- Victory Dance Stereo
    106- Energy Search
    107- Energy Switch
    108- Elegance Gain
    109- Great Ball
    110- Malice Advantage
    111- Masterball
    112- Pokeball
    113- Pokedexhandy930ir
    114- Ultra Ball
    115- Lighthouse Attic
    116- Museum Basement
    117- Investment Energy Post 3
    118- Mine Energy
    119- Slop Energy
    120- Ambipom Lv.X
    121- Froslass Lv.X Post 1
    122- Krickitune Lv.X
    123- Pinsir Lv.X
    124- Xatu Lv.X
    125- Saul Goodman Post 4

    Froslass lv.X 120HP

    :pbody: Malicious Invitation
    When Froslass is knocked out by damage from your opponent's Pokemon, search your deck for 1 :dark: or :psychic: Pokemon, and one trainer card, and add them to your hand.

    :psychic: :psychic: :colorless Charming Crush 50-
    This attack does 10 less damage for each Froslass, Froslass Lv.X, Glalie and Snorunt in your discard pile. if the defending Pokemon is knocked out by this attack, chose one of your opponent's benched Poekmon to become the new active Pokemon.

    Weaness: :dark: x2


    Retreat Cost:

    I'll update as I feel like adding in new cards. Will make a set list at some point too XD
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  2. wally

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    120HP is to much for it
    Ghost pokemon have [C] resistence
  3. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    ^I went off the exsisiting Froslass, who was 90HP and no resistance. 120 doesn't seem too high IMO, but I might change it. Currently done 1-105 on the set list.

    Investmant Energy
    Energy Card
    Provides (C)

    Whenever you attach an energy card to one of your Pokemon (excluding the Pokemon this card is attached to) you may place one card from your hand facedown next to your active Pokemon. At any time during your turn, you may discard all cards placed face-down by this affect, and search your deck for that many basic energy cards. Attach them to the Pokemon this card is attached to and discard this card. (If the energy was attached by a Poke-Power, Poke-Body or Attack, ignore this affect). If there is another investmant energy in play, discard this card.

    Artifact Hunter's Obsession

    You can play only one supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your active Pokemon. When your turn ends discard this card.

    Search your deck for up to 3 trainer cards that have fossil in their names, or are called Old Amber. Discard them. After you discard each card, search your deck for a card that evolves from that Pokemon and put it on your bench. All Pokemon benched by this affect are treated as basics. Your opponent may draw a prize card.

    Saul Goodman

    You can play only one supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your active Pokemon. When your turn ends discard this card.

    Discard up to 2 cards from your hand. Then search your deck for the same number of cards you discarded. Your opponent may then search his deck for one card and put it on the top of their deck. If he does, discard one card from their hand without looking and your opponent draws a card.
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