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    Dark Arceus :metal::dark: HP 120

    POKEPOWER:Dark Mist
    for every dark energy on Dark Arceus the attack does an addional + 10

    energy cost
    2 dark 1 metal
    +90 flip 2 coins if the 1 coin is heads this attack does 30 + 90
    If the 1 coin is tails this attack does 90 and the defending pokemon is confused
    If the 2 coin is heads this attack does 90 and both defending pokemon are asleep
    if the 2 coin is tails and the defending pokemon is :psychic:the base damage of this attack is 120

    Retreat cost 2 colorless
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  2. charmander rox

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    This card lacks HP, Level, PokePower effect, Energy cost, Weakness, Resistance, Retreat Cost...

    What are they?
  3. greenzangoose

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    Oh, I like the general idea, but it needs to be formatted differently. (Look below.)

    Also, the attack is just a touch too good, 90 is too strong of base damage for the attack, 70 would be more fair. The effects are mis-balanced, double heads should rock, and double tails should be bad for you. Also, you need to take out the 'if one coin is tails." becayse if only one coin is heads then obviously the other one is tails.

    The attack and poke-power needs to be worded differently, closer to what real cards would say. Oh, and also, the poke-power would be a poke-body because you don't activate it, it is always on. :cool:

    Try somthing a bit more like this on for size. :smile:

    Dark Arceus :dark::metal: HP 120
    Basic pokemon
    Poke-body: Dark Mist
    While Dark Arceus is your active pokemon, all damage done to the defending pokemon does 10 more damage for each :dark: energy on Dark Arceus.
    :dark::dark::metal: Enrage 70
    flip 2 coins. if the result is 1 heads this attack does 70 damage. If the result is 2 heads this attack does 70 damage plus 30 more damage. If the result is 2 tails *example negitive effect* this attack does nothing. (Not even damage.) *Example negitive effect.*
    Weakness: (You need to put one.) +? (You can put 'none')
    Resistance: (You need to put something) -? (You can put 'none')
    Retreat cost: :colorless:colorless

    There, that's a bit easier to read and a bit more balanced. :biggrin: One last tip for future cards, try not to make a power boost the pokemon for somthing they already have to have. For example, Dark Arceus already needs :dark: energy, so making it do more damage for having :dark: energy on it isn't the best idea. :wink:

    Overall the attack is a pretty good idea. :thumb:
  4. KAZUTO!!!

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    Actually, the wording on Darkrai Lv.X's Endless Darkness says that if you only flip 1 heads, and nothing interesting happens (ex. Adding damage, etc.), the text just doesn't say anything about it. Here's the wording for Endless Darkness:

    "The Defending Pokemon is now Asleep. Your opponent flips two coins in between turns. If 2 are heads, the Defending Pokemon isn't Asleep any more. If both are tails, the Defending Pokemon is now Knocked Out."

    SO, Enrage would look something like this:

    [D][D][M] Enrage 70
    Flip two coins. If both are heads, this attack does 70 damage plus 30 more damage. If both are tails, this attack does nothing.

    And yes, it does need a drawback to the attack - otherwise, it'd be broken, as it is a Basic, averaging at 90 damage for three.

    Two things:

    First off, WAY TOO MUCH HP! It's a Dark Pokemon, so it needs to have less HP then normal, and Arceus normally has 100 HP, not 120. Tone down the HP to around 80.

    Second, any reason for the random Metal Energy Enrage's attack cost? Arceus doesn't have anything to do with Metal... And Arceus should be [D][C]. not [D][M], and Enrage should be [D][D][C] or something.

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