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  1. Larvitarium

    Larvitarium New Member

    Dark Mew
    Poke-Power: Energy Shield
    Whenever a attack damages Mew, flip a coin. If heads, all of the effects(including damage)of that attack do nothing. If tails, it does only half the base damage(rounded up to the nearest 10)Any other effects do nothing.
    (P)(P)(P)(P)PSYCHIC(Base damage 30) For each energy card on the defending pokemon, and his benched pokemon this attack does 10 more damage. Then flip a coin, if tails shuffle Dark Mew into your deck, and discard all the cards attached to it.
    Retreat cost-3
    Dark Aggron
    POKE-POWER: Steel Type Search
    Search your deck for a Basic Steel type pokemon, and put it on your bench. Then search your discard pile for a Steel Energy, and shuffle it into your deck, then discard a Steel type Pokemon from your hand.
    (S)(S)(C)(C) STEEL SWIPES (Base damage 20) Flip 4 coins, for each heads this attack does 30 more damage, for each tails to 10 damage to Aggron.If two are heads, and two are tails this attack does 20 damage.
    Retreat cost-4
    Dark Mewtwo
    Poke-Body:Resistant Sheild
    Reduce all attacks done to Dark Mewtwo by 30, 60 if the defending pokemon is Psychic.(After applying Dark Mewtwos weakness)
    (P)(P)(D)D)Dark Light(Base Damage 100) Discard 1 Dark energy from Dark Mewtwo, and 1 Psychic energy. Then search your deck for a Dark energy, and attach it to Mewtwo. Each of your Pokemon without Dark in their names takes 20 damage.
    Dark Blazikan
    (F)(F)Flame Explosion:Look at the top 3 cards of your deck if there is any (F) energys attach up to three of them to Dark Blazikan, discard all Trainer cards there.
    (F)(F)(F)(F)(D) Dark Flame(Base Damage 110) Discard a Dark energy card from Dark Blazikan, and any Supporter card you have in play.(Any effect the Supporter Card would have on this attack including damage, and energy cards does not work.

    Dark Swampert
    Poke-Body: Breakthrough
    Whenever your opponenet plays a Stadium or Supporter card do 20 damage to all Benched Pokemon in play that are Fire or Electric types.
    (W)(W)(C) Special Water Gun(Base damage 40) Does 40 damage plus 10 for every Water Energy card in play except for any (W) energy cards attached to Dark Swampert.
    Retreat cost-3

    Dark Sceptile
    Poke-Power: Mysterious Powder
    Flip 4 coins. If Exactly 1 is heads the defending pokemon is poisened, if 2 are heads the defending pokemon is asleep. It 3 are heads the defending Pokemon is Paralayzed.If 4 are heads do 20 damage to the defending Pokemon.(Do not applly weakness.)
    (G)(G)(G) Tough Vine Wips(Base damage 40) Do 20 more damage if the defending pokemon has a Trainer card attached to it.
    Retreat cost-2
  2. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Dark Mew and Dark Mewtwo are impossible. The HP on all the others is too high. Drop each of them by at least 40 (30 for Dark Sceptile) and you've got good cards.
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I think Dark Mew's Power should require that it have one Energy attached. When are Steel Type Search and Mysterious Powder trigger?

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