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  1. Dragon9

    Dragon9 New Member

    Me and my friend are planning on using this deck:

    Pokemon 22
    3-2-3 Garchomp
    2-2 Darkrai Lv.X
    3-3 Weavile (SW)
    2 Stantler
    1 Mawile (CG)
    1 Absol ex (PK)

    Trainers 22
    x4 Celio's Network
    x4 Rare Candy
    x2 Roseannes Research
    x2 Night Maintenance
    x2 Windstorm
    x1 Lake Boundary
    x1 Moonlight Stadium
    x2 Pluspower
    x2 Professor Oaks Visit
    x2 Switch
    x1 Warp Point

    Energys 16
    9 Basic Darkness Energy
    2 Psychic Energy
    1 Fire Energy
    1 Lightning Energy
    1 Water Energy
    1 Fighting Energy
    1 Scramble Energy

    Weavile to make all my Pokemon Dark types. Darkrai's Pokebody to get my Pokemon an extra 10 with Basic Dark and its attack is not very strong but the effect of the attack rocks.
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