Dark Weedle does it again UPDATED 10/6

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Dark Weedle, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    9/22 Ada, OK

    Lol 6 in masters 3 rounds top 2 hope i dont get donked early =/.

    r1: JoAnn (aipibom/hounchcrow/walrein)

    Eaisily the worst game of my life she goes first and does 10. My turn i have no way to get another basic but to tvr and whiff. Her turn evolve attach 2nd energy pluspower game. Whaaaaat 0-1 lol great start to the season and now i'll need help to even make the cut.

    r2: Sidney Chubbs12 (elecivire)

    This would be a bad matchup if i wasnt so amazing he doesnt get much and scoops early. Yesssss back to 1600.

    r3: Some 11-14 playing a random deck

    I win. No points =/

    I miss the cut qqqqqqqqqqqqq.
    Roy Jr. wins the tourny

    9/23 Sherman, TX

    2 hourish drive not too bad. 21 players, top 4 cut. Meta is garchomp/flygon/random

    r1: Roy Jr (emopleon/raichu)

    Story of the day we 4 oklahoma playres have to play each other. He gets an amazing start taking 3 kos in first 4 turns but i make a comeback cause im such a beast. Great game.

    r2: Pokedad playing garchomp

    I own garchomp like no other its too slow he doesnt get a prize. Matt had to play sidney...(both from OK)

    r3: Sidney (elecivire)

    Whyyyy do i have to play another oklahoma player..... Well my oppening hand is basic, stage 2, 5 energies....i lose. All 4 okla players are 2-1.

    r4: Ughh i cant remember her name but shes billy kettler's gf. (blissey)

    She draws everyting she could ever need like all 4 of her boosts in the first 6 turns. Rediculous =/. Well its 5-1, my turn and i have to ko her blissey to have a chance at anything, i try to use breaking tail but then realize i forgot to apply dre to the dmg so i wouldnt kill the blissey, she lets me take it back and i energy cyclone for the KO. Now its her turn and she got 3 cards in her hand, blissey with no damage active, and my gatr has 20 hp left. All she needs to win the game is an energy but she doesnt have it and i finally catch a break. Next turn i retreat for a fresh gatr and she isnt able to get anything else going. great game. Rly appreciate letitng me take the breaking tail back i wasnt thinking clearly at all.

    r5: Nancy Lynch (duskqueen/mightyenna)

    Her start its great. I play around her mightyenns and its 5-2 my advantage when tiem is called so i get the win.

    Top4: Danny Fish (flex)

    g1: I get an amazing lucksack start not much he can do. He scoops after 10 minutes.

    g2: In his defense flygon is pretty much an autowin for me i outspeed it like no other. He tries to go aggro ray d and flygon but i have a huge max damage and there isnt much he can do. gg.


    Top2: Local kid with raichu mt/manetric mt/ magneton pk

    g1: This is where it gets interesting. Im dominating the game like no other and i try to attach an energy, keep my finger on it, and change it to another poke. The move honestly didnt matter at this point but i like to make the right moves.

    So the judge is like "you took your finger off"

    Me: I didnt realize i had, if it really matters ill take it back

    Judge: Apparently he thinks im trying to backtalk him (?) and says " do it again and its a gameloss"

    Me: ...... so im wondering whats up with him and want to say something else, but come to the conclusion that its his local player and im sure he would really do it, I dont say anything the rest of the game except for "No cut"

    So anyway i win both games quite easily with no verbal communication and lol in the car on the way back.


    Birch for a well run tournament
    21 players!!
    The case thingies the medal came in
    Birch again

    Now i love playing in Texas, but my only problem with the tournament is the way the judge came off at me, im still not sure how what i did could possibly merit a gameloss, and theres no way he could have been offended by what i said. Im still ?!?!?!? Oh well

    9/29 Del City OK

    A step up from ada!!! 8 people this time yessss. I predict Sidney to win the tournament before we start.

    r1: Roy jr (empoleon/raichu)

    Neither of our starts are too great, mine because of his BF lock, but i get the gatrs up and he doesnt have the setup to kill them. Energy draws = 0

    r2: Sidney(flyvire)

    My oppening hand is 2 basics, 3 energys, and 2 windstorms =/. I topdeck complete garbage, i dont play a supporter until like turn 4. I make a game of it with delcatty ex swarm but there isnt muchi can do. totdile's evolved = 0

    r3: New kid, only 11-14 ( Magmorter)

    So i win a wager and hit his magmorter for 60. Its his turn, 2 energys on magmorter, and 4 cards in hand. Attach, dicard 2 energy form hand and kill my croconaw =/. I bring up totodile and bite him 0 for 40 lol. He cant get anything else going and i win.

    r4: Joann ( hand control.dec)
    I get an amazing start, not much she can do.

    1. Sidney(4-0!)
    2. Me

    g1: My start is garbage until i tvr into 2 delattys and a gatr and go to town.
    g2: Dont remember much but his start wasnt so great and i rolled through him.

    Sidney rolling through swiss undefeated
    extra prize support

    bad starts

    More people need to show up next week =/

    BR wins = 2

    10/6 Oklahoma City Game hq

    I think theres like 14 people in masters not sure exact count

    R1: Roy Jr (rgon)

    We have to play agaaaiiinnnn. So i start totdile and skitty vrs him having a solid start chingling active, ray d and trapinch benched. I have the gatr line in my hand but no delcatty :(. So i put 10 on the chingling but know that if i KO him he can bring u pray d and do 100 for 2 nrg so just draw pass until i get more stuff set up. I eventually get going and rgon just has no answer to gatr not rly his fault.

    R2: New guy with grass.dec

    Not much to say i get setup and take 6 prizes to none


    R3: Susan C. (honchcrow/aipibom)

    This is susans first tournament ina while and she just using one of her sisters decks. I get my best start of the day so far with turn 2 delcatty and turn 3 full setup. i do 100 a turn form t4 on not much she can do.


    R4: Sidney ( flyvire )

    Ahhhhh my start is so bad something like 2 windstorm, 2 gatr, skitty, delcatty ex, mr stones. nrg. His start is also horrible and i go aggro delcatty ex doing 3 for 60 lol. He gets absolutly nothing and i win turn.

    Top 4 Matt (tyranitaur/meg d/delcatty)

    G1: Matt just put the deck together before the tourny started but it ran rly well. Game one is pretty intense i have to put back 8 nrg to ohko meg d which i do twice, He bring it to 1-1 doing 120 with tyranitaur. It comes down to me needing to do 140, 90, 140 on the last three turn with only one energy draw. I pull it off and take the last prize

    G2: I get a much better start than last game and pull an early ohko on meg with upstream that he wasnt expecting. The turning point of the game was when he though doing 40 would be enough to ko my gatr with 80 on it :nonono: and he cant reconver after that. It might have been different had he gotten the ko but i pretty much had the game.


    Finals ME vrs Sidney (flyvire)

    G1: If he had a flygon in the hand he could have turn 1'd my only skitty, but he didnt get it and scooped after i had gatr, cattty, catty, catty ex turn 4.

    G3: He gets a good start but runs out of stream and i roll through himafter we trade a few prizes.


    Br wins = 3

    Los Tacos
    TSD in packs
    OU > TEXAS
    halo 3
    Gatr is broken

    See yall next week in texas
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  2. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    Texas judges come off on me all the time, man. You just gotta deal with it.

    I also can't believe you lost to Joann. It's obvious you need Gatr 1.6 or something.

    I once got a PRIZE LOSS for saying "Evolutionary Light" with Battle Frontier in play, even though I said "oh wait no I can't" immediately afterwards WITHOUT touching my deck. Sometimes judges just like to assert their authority power, or something.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2007
  3. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    1.4 failed

    1.4.5 was the play
  4. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    If its pokemon, or disagreeing with a girl sometimes you just have to know when to keep your mouth shut, GJ
  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Lol, bad example...that was just a very bad judging day (2005 regionals). It's not like you were the only one who got targeted (I nearly got a prize penalty for not immediately discarding my supporter at the end of my turn, but I pointed out where it said in the penalty guidelines that it's only a minor infraction). It's in the past though, and many of us have buried it. I think nowadays they're just out to get <b>you</b> because you get really irate and curse (not like I might not do the same thing if I was 1-0 and the system glitched XD).

    Good work, Will. It's nice to see one of my more favorite decks win, but I still can't believe a Delta player forgot to apply DRE! o.o
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2007
  6. old man

    old man New Member

    So who is/were the judges for this event?
  7. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    i corrected the mistake! I dont actually remember who the judges were lol i dont think ive seen them judgeing anything major before
  8. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    ~old man~

    The judges were:

    Robb P. (Head Judge)
    Boyd H.
    MP Birch

    The judge in question was the "Head Judge". I spoke with him after the event. By the way, that judge is from Ada, Oklahoma. He has lived in Texas only a few years. Personally, I have never had any problems with "Dark Weedle" or any of my (yours now) Oklahoma players. I even ate dinner with them one night at 2007~Nationals and had a great time!!!

    MP Birch
  9. doctormcdreamy

    doctormcdreamy New Member

    wise beyong your years. i argue with girls all the time. and it usually goes bad and not in my favor. no matter how right i am.

    anyways good job dark weedle. maybe i'll see you at cities.
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  10. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    GJ Will, made me see how good Gatr can really be, as I hadn't ever seen it in action before yesterday.
  11. Gatsu

    Gatsu New Member

    Report the judge to POP!
  12. Arcanine 274

    Arcanine 274 New Member

    You're good man.

    Roy playing Empoleon. I can't be the only one to play it I guess.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2007
  13. thechubbss12

    thechubbss12 New Member

    Heh Texas was amazing..... I so should have made top cut... But NOOO Adrian had to have a Combee on the bench to avoid the donk and then topdeck a Mentor only to lay a rare candy Torterra....

    Good Job though Will.. even though i should have turn 2d you...
    Best part was the ride up there lol...
  14. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    who is shiftrymaster68 lol
  15. old man

    old man New Member

    Hey, just wondering. Thought it might be someone who hadn't had a lot of experience. But BR's are a real good time for new and less experienced judges to come forth. This will only help everyone later on in the bigger events.
    I do tend to think your/my OKLA players are a pretty good lot overall. It's always been fun & exciting whenever one State visits the other.
  16. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    Are you guys coming back down on Saturday?
  17. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    why didnt you come sunday? :(
  18. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    My Sundays are always booked
  19. thechubbss12

    thechubbss12 New Member

    Haha.... I did go 4-0 in swiss LOL....

    Well WB maybe next time i can lucksac a win off you in finals...
  20. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    almost sidney, almost

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